: Anyone interested in a subwoofer/amp and custom mounting bracket?

09-14-05, 11:17 PM
I had 12" Image Dynamics IDMAX subwoofer (for sale) mounted in my rear deck for about a few months but am moving on to different things, in regards to my system. I fabricated a custom mounting bracket that fits up into the recess (from the inside of the trunk) where the factory subwoofer used to be. It bolts onto the sheet metal using 8 heavy duty bolts/nuts. The 12" IDMAX subwoofer is then bolted up into this bracket from the bottom using 8 screws. I also fabricated an amp rack that fits into the recess in the rear of the passenger side of the trunk. It bolts down onto 3 factory bolts that protrude from the floor of the trunk in this recess. I built it for my Zapco C2K 3.0X amplifier which is for sale as well. Both the amp rack and the subwoofer mounting bracket are painted in a rubber-type black paint.

Not sure if this is correct place to post this, but I figured that since I custom made these pieces for my V, I may as well pass them onto someone who will be able to use them.

I am asking $275 for the 12" IDMAX subwoofer and subwoofer mounting bracket; $400 for the Zapco amplifier and amp rack. I also have these items listed on eBay, but I will sell them to any member here who wants them off of eBay. You could pick them up either in Vegas or Tucson (or I could even deliver them to Phoenix if I have a trip planned). Shipping will add additional costs but I will charge only exact shipping costs using UPS.

Let me know if there is any interest.

09-14-05, 11:21 PM
sorry dbl post

09-14-05, 11:22 PM
And by the way, my car is in the shop for service until tomorrow (hopefully, crossing my fingers on it!) but if you want pictures email me. I have pics of the equipment (sub and amp) on my computer right now, but the sub bracket and amp rack are still installed in the vehicle, so I can uninstall tomorrow and send pics tomorrow as well of these custom pieces. Both the amp and sub are in perfect condition. No scratches or anything of that nature.

email for pictures: brianbarson@gmail.com

09-15-05, 05:01 PM
Any interest?

09-16-05, 05:19 AM