: Replace and Reprogram PCM 2001 DTS

05-15-14, 11:35 AM
Hello all,
I have a subscription to alldatadiy.

Without all the backstory, here are the facts:

-Parasitic Draw of about 3.6 AMPs coming from the PCM BATT fuse (under hood)
-Tried to program some keys last night using the 30 minute procedure and the procedure wasn't operating as expected
-No keys will start car now(battery good); when it gets to crank, click in back, everything powers down and thats it
-No codes or security light (well there is one code P0074, airbag loop #1 open)

I'm going to replace the PCM, used ones are easy to find.

How do I program it? "All Data" references a Tech 2 and a Techline terminal ?
Is this something I can do myself? Does Autozone have stuff like this for borrow or rent? Have to go to Dealer?


05-15-14, 11:54 AM
A TECH II is a several thousand dollar scanner/programmer. All GM dealers have them, VERY rarely you'll find an independent shop with one.

Are you buying the PCM from somewhere that reconditions them, or just buying a used one at a salvage yard?

05-15-14, 11:58 AM
I was going to either buy one off of ebay or a local junk yard, not a reconditioner. They seem to be priced around $30-$40. Thanks for the info MoistCabbage!

05-15-14, 11:59 AM
Then most likely it will require programming.

05-15-14, 01:23 PM
Yup - a GM dealer goes into the Great Database In The Sky, downloads the program for THAT car's specific VIN and flashes the replacement PCM - it will be an exact clone of the (possibly faulty) existing one.

05-16-14, 10:08 AM
Just an update for future reference:
Bought a junkyard computer for $50. It was from a 2003 Deville and I have a 2001 Deville DTS
Swapped out computers last night, pretty easy job.
Did the 30 minute master learn, and it learned a key (although the telltale was not lighting back up for the second and third round)
AND it started and ran, pretty well in fact considering the wrong computer.
It is now at my local shop, who did have a Tech II, for proper programming. He quoted me $85-$100.

05-19-14, 01:52 PM
Update again. The shop was able to program the computer, but now they are having trouble getting it to learn a key.

05-20-14, 10:13 AM
Last update to this. The shop really had trouble getting it to learn a key. Apparently the PCM itself wasn't my draw (see 1st post), something is keeping it awake. It learns the keys when it shuts down. To get the car to learn a key he had to short the computer and trick it into shutting down. Bottom line: I've got a different computer in, key learned, but still have the draw. I'll start a new thread when I dig back into the draw.

05-20-14, 05:00 PM
Do you have anything connected to either 12V accessory (cigar lighter) outlet ? In some of these cars the two 12V outlets have underhood fuses that can be placed in one of two positions: First position - outlets turn off with RAP. Second position - outlets hot at all times.

05-20-14, 10:47 PM
Thanks Submariner409, I'll look into it