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Cadillac driver1
05-15-14, 01:36 AM
Hi, I Have A 1995 Cadillac Sls And My Question Is... I Was Driving My car And Stopped At A Light, And My Car Idled Down And Then started Jumping Up And Down. I Was Told The Map Sensor Was Bad And I Changed It. It Runs Better Now, And I Will Be Changing Plugs And Wires. I Had To Change Convertor Out About 2 Months Ago, And I Was Wondering Was The Idling Problem Due To Me Changing The Cat Out? Also, When I Noticed The Jumping (idling) Problem. I Took Off From The Light And It Seemed Like It Didn't Wanna Switch gears Till I Got Up To 20 25 Miles Per Hr. Ever Since I Changed The Map Sensor It Has Run Alot Better! Any Concearns Fir The Idle Problems And Slow Acceleration? also Can This Cause My Cat Conv. To Get To Hot And burn Up!! I Dont Wanna Start A Fire! Any Help In This would Help. My Cat Conv. seems Like It Stll Gets Hot! Any Suggestions On What To Do?
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Catalytic converters are supposed to run HOT - not red hot but very toasty warm - hotter than the exhaust pipes.

05-15-14, 10:36 AM
A CAT will not affect the idle. Probably due for a good TB cleaning.

A slow, sluggish acceleration could be a clogged CAT.

A glowing CAT means raw fuel being dumped in. Check for a leaky FPR.