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11-25-03, 10:34 AM
I was wondering what kind of aftermarket products where available for northstar motors. I was looking into cams, headers, DFI, and your other basic bolt-ons. are there any vendors specifically dedicated to northstar stuff? thanks

11-25-03, 11:57 AM
This is the only one I know of.

Parts are expensive but except for head bolt problems the engines seem to last a long time.

I just saw this as a source for discounted GM parts.


11-25-03, 01:39 PM

These guys specialize in the N* fiero conversion but have available turbo kits as well as some other fun stuff


TT kits and lots of look-nice go-fast goodies

11-27-03, 12:56 AM
i thought it was pretty well covered that the chfrab stuff won't work in a caddy, its for sand rail cars. the 300hp 4.6 is already a high revver, with camming that already robs it of torque for top end, why mess it up even more? i mean, sure you could put different cams in there to give it 400hp, but you drive it like you hate it to get that power, the cars already to heavy. more aggressive cams would help a LIGHT car, but its so heavy if you put huge cams in it there car would be dog slow until it got way up in the rpms. and it would make that power at like 7k, way to high for the transmission to shift at.

not to mention getting the car to even RUN with those super aggressive cams. not only would you have to find a company that even understands the cadillac computer, you'd probably have massive cam loap, or surging at idle, even stalling if you didn't bump the idle speed up

then there's the problem of installing them, remove the engine and make sure you do time serts if you pull the heads, the bolts will never hold the head down right if you don't

Everyone seems to tell people to go to chfrab........not sure why.

Headers seem promising though, if made right they shouldn't take much low end away, domestic performance was talking about making a set, musta fell through

and forced induction........i wouldn't consider it untill they adress the weak headgasket issue. maybe they could make a extra thick headgasket that was stronger, it'd help lower the high compression engine for boost

so yeah, unfortanatly your stuck with the "universal" mods, intake, exhaust, nos (if thats your thing), and there are a few chip makers depending on what year caddy