: Just came back from a weekend at Laguna Seca

09-12-05, 12:13 PM

My friends and I just attended a track event both Saturday and Sunday and all I have to say is WOW. My V is stock except for an intake, no FG2s or anything else. This car is awesome!!!

I gave a friend's friend a ride and he could not believe it. I told him it was stock and he was shocked. He called it the "Porsche Eater" I made sure he repeated in when my friend with his 01 Porsche Turbo came was around. BTW, he had a hard time keeping up.

One of the runs I was chasing down a STI with suspension, exhaust and all kinds of other mods. After the run the guy came up to me to apologize about not moving aside to let me pass. I told him it was ok and I had a good run with him. He said he saw me come and tried to loose me but everytime he looked in the mirror there I was. He couldn't believe it and praised our Vs up and down.

All in all it was great weekend and here are some pics if you would like to see.


I am sooo impressed with this car that I am thinking about picking up a used Z06 and turning it a track car. I figure I could pick up a clean one for cheap once the new ones come out.

09-12-05, 12:46 PM
Very cool, I'd love do one of those events.

09-12-05, 10:39 PM
Was this a club event? The LS calendar is blank so I assume it wasn't a NASA or NCRC.

There's a NASA event coming up in October at Infineon... any interest? If I can swing my schedule I'll be there.


09-13-05, 01:27 AM
Wow!!!! Very Jealous!! Great Picture!!! Frame that thing!!!!

Dave's V
09-13-05, 01:35 AM
Or burn it before Cadillac uses it as evidience.

Seattle CTS-V
09-13-05, 02:03 AM
Awesome! My 'friend' plans on doing one more event this year. Temps are dropping and we all know how the V loves cool air!

09-13-05, 02:50 AM
The event was held by Trackmasters. I got to go for free since my friend's mom is a big wig at Mazda and holds events for all their employees a couple of times a year. I was there Saturday and Sunday and I would highly recommend for V owners to try it out. You really don't know what this car is capable of doing until you try it in a controlled environment like a racetrack. I, myself, was really surprised at how well the car handles.

The temps were perfect mid to upper 60s.

I think we will surely have a lot more members soon after they saw me ripping by them. As usual I was the only Caddy there and as usual had a lot of people come up to me asking me what I have done to it.

A couple friends came with me with the following cars: E36 supercharged, EVO, 01 Porsche Turbo, and a couple of other 4 bangers. The only one that gave me a little trouble was the EVO and that's because he is an excellent and experienced driver.

09-14-05, 03:42 PM
mutlu great pics!! love the g meter..wish i could of made it...way to represent!!:)