: Oil Pan Gasket and Permatex UltraGray placement

05-13-14, 11:27 AM
There are quite a few posts on this subject but they still have not addressed my question completely.

My FSM (Factory Service Manual) states to replace the oil pan seal but other posts state a TSB (Technical Service Bulletin) was issued to stating not to replace the formed pan seal but to use a metered bead of GM/Permatex UltraGray.

I do not have access to the TSB but I am going to go the Permatex route.

Posts have stated that excessive sealant can enter the engine clogging the oil pump intake. I have also read to place a 1/8 inch bead of sealant on the oil pan and place the oil pan straight on the block without sideways movement.

My question is where to lay the 1/8 inch bead. Is the 1/8 inch bead (if it is a 1/8 inch bead) placed in the groove, on the outside edge between the groove and the outer edge of the oil pan? I doubt if it is placed on the inside edge between the grove and the internals. If the sealant is placed in the groove then I assume the 1/8 inch bead is above the surface of the oil pan.

05-13-14, 02:52 PM
In the (clean with lacquer thinner) oil pan groove. Don't overdo it - just enough to stand slightly proud of the pan flange face.

The Helm/GM service manuals were never updated - I'll bet the edition date of your 2000 manual is either 06/99 or 02/00 (Title page). TSBs are issued frequently - and they are also updated.

The RTV pan seal trick didn't even start until the mid-late 2000s.

05-13-14, 03:58 PM
That is what I'll do. Thanks!

Your are correct about the edition date mine is "The information cutoff date is 1/11/00".

05-19-14, 11:19 AM
bsamole -

Use AC-Delco Engine Sealant P/N 88901148 (Canadian P/N, USA P/N may vary). This stuff works better than anything with the Permatex label on it. It sets up quick, and so far the best oil-resistant RTV I've found- it even holds up to ATF.