View Full Version : Finally replaced tires w/ Pirelli Zeros

09-11-05, 01:11 PM
Thanks to everyone for sounding off on the tire selection issues. After much ado and I decided against Discount Tires suggested Federal Tyres. On ebay, I found a bunch of high performance tires at great prices and luckily one of those dealers (actually a couple of them) are here in Houston. After visiting there warehouse I found a good selection in a variety of possible combinations. To make a long story short, I put on a set of Pirelli P Zero Directionalles. They had 8/32 of tread on them and are very clean. Drive out cost was 400.00 for the set; mounted, balanced, tax etc...
They also had a good selection of pairs of Michelin Pilots, Coniti Sports, Yokos, and even some Good Year f1's.... If this works as I expect them to I will not buy new tires anymore and will likely try all the brands as time goes on.

I will report from time to time on the Pirelli's but for now I need to reset the sensor on one tire. Thanks a bunch everyone.

09-11-05, 01:40 PM
I need more information. I'm in Houston and I will be needing a set in the next couple of months. Where did you go? I am leaning towards the Pilot Sports unless I can find someone that has the Toyos that can remove the run Flats without tearing up my rims and can road force balance.

09-11-05, 02:09 PM
Yep, the guy they have working there did a nice job mounting and balancing. Its is not a fancy place but it works for me. I noticed several other sports cars coming in for tires while i was there too. They had Pilots in stock in both 245 ad 255. 2 of each so you could do that as well.
email me unclewiggings@aol.com for address and directions....