: Going to the drags

09-10-05, 10:32 PM
First time to the local drag strip next week and of course I am taking the V with me. Looking for some help/advise on the best way to launch, what mode to be in, traction on or off etc. Thanks in advance for the tips!

09-10-05, 10:45 PM
A little advice. You're not going to the track your friend is. Now care to edit this post. :yup:

09-11-05, 12:03 AM
I hear nothing - I see nothing, and you would be very wise to say nothing!

09-11-05, 03:54 AM
A friend told me:

1) Windows up.
2) A/C off.
3) Traction control & stability control completely off.
4) Drive around the water box, you don't need it and don't want the front tires tracking water in front of the rear wheels.
5) Just a short, one second, light first gear spin of the rear tires to clean them off.
6) Start modestly. When the second staging light goes on, bring the revs up to about 2,500 or so, and you can mostly just dump the clutch and go--the heavy dual mass flywheel helps here.
7) Just at 6,000 rpm, bang the clutch in and throttle off, shift fast and hard, and just slip your foot off the clutch and nail the throttle again.
8) This will get you decent time.
9) The trick to your time is all in the 60 foot time (assuming you don't miss a shift half way down). As you get better, raise the launch rpm, and pedal the throttle for a harder launch.

Practice a few launches on a deserted street somewhere. Remember, unless you're bracket racing, you don't care about reaction time, don't get flustered. When the light goes green, do steps 6 & 7 above. You don't care if your RT is 2 seconds, but you do want a fast 60 foot time.

Have fun. And remember to wash the numbers off before going to dealer for an oil change :D