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09-10-05, 07:37 PM
Hi, I am a victim of Hurricane katrina. Lost my house and all my possessions. My family is fine and we are moved to baton Rouge Louisiana. I originally thought this would be a close miss, but after the storm, I docked a boat to the roof of my house. not a good feeling. However I parked my V and my wifes Trailblazer in a very high parking lot and they were fine....until the damn looters started. they broke the rear passenger door small window and two of them were in my wife"s car when I busted them. ( I am a New Orleans Police Sergeant on the SWAT team), lets just say they won't be doing that again. anyway i need the part number for the rear passenger window. I have gone to the one local dealership and they were as helpful as tits on a bull. I would really apreciate any help you guys could give me. I plan on ordering the window from GMpartsdirect.com. and I will get my brother who is a caddy tech to install it. tried all the local glass places also, they act like it is a mirror for a F430!

Thanks guys,

09-10-05, 07:44 PM
Sorry to hear about your loss. I don't have the part number but I will look for it. Good luck!

09-10-05, 07:46 PM
Do you need the full retractable window or the small vent window? If you haven't had any luck by Monday, I'll be happy to swing by Lindsay Cadillac and get one shipped to you.

Be safe.


09-10-05, 08:45 PM
Sorry to hear about your car... Glad you are OK.

GM calls the small window in the rear door the "glass Vent"
I got the part number from the PDF on the FAQ (cts-partslist- page 12)


its says $413 for that piece... DOUBLE CHECK that part number...

Also, e-mail me if you need anything else.


09-10-05, 08:55 PM
thanks I might need it shipped to me because as i have just found out they will not ship it to me because my current address does not match my shipping address. I will attempt to go to the dealership on monday to order the part. the book does not give directions on installiation? my brother is in a different part of the state, and has relocation issues of his own. If i can do it, i would rather not bother him. BTW caddy's navigation is great in a city I KNOW NOTHING ABOUT!

09-11-05, 12:48 AM
Send me an e-mail (if you are able) and I will post the instructions for you.


09-11-05, 10:23 AM
my e mail is C5racr1@aol.com. thanks for posting the instructions. You guys have put a positive spin on what has been the most stressfull point in my life.

09-11-05, 10:28 AM
Crowan could you swing by the caddy dealership and double check the part number please. I will order the part from parts direct they list it for 479.00 if you can get it from the dealership cheaper I will go that route if it is not too much trouble for you. once again thanks.

09-11-05, 11:15 AM
I will take care of it first thing Monday morning. I will also email your aol address with my phone number so you can contact me directly if needed.

Is there anything else your family needs at this point that we can help with?


09-11-05, 12:33 PM
we are ok for now> If FEMA would get off their butt and get things moving, the recovery process might be able to start. But that is another story for another time. bottom line got to Indonesia in 24 Hours and got to New Orleans in 6 days. something is drasticly wrong.

09-11-05, 11:25 PM
I posted the rear window replacement procedure for you on the FAQ:

Here is the direct link: HERE (http://www.cadillacfaq.com/faq/answers/sm/rearstatwidow/index.html)

This procedure includes about 6 other procedures and is HUGE... you basically have to disassemble the rear door (take the big wondow out, etc) in order to replace that little small window.

Let that be a lesson to the rest of us.. If for some reason you find the need to break a window, its actually better to break the rear BIG window than the small window (they are almost the same price- go figure)

Let me know if you need anything else.