: FAQ and Regisry reminder

09-10-05, 03:08 PM
Just a reminder 'cause I have been getting alot of questions about this recently.

The "faq" as it is reffered to here is www.cadillacfaq.com... This is the site I run with info on the CTS/CTS-V (and now the STS/STS-V).

The forums (www.cadillacforums.com) is the site you are on now where discussions occur.

THESE two sites are separate BUT are VERY complimentary. Sal and I work very hard to make these sites work together. The FAQ link (above on the toolbar) DOES NOT take you to cadillacfaq.com. The above link is a FAQ on how to use this forum site.

The Regsitry: The CTS-V registry (http://www.cadillacfaq.com/faq/reg/) is growing... we have 133 members who registered their cars. If you have not yet submitted your car to the registry, now is a good time. It allows you a home for your car information on the web that you can link to (if you want).
Sign up here: http://www.cadillacfaq.com/faq/reg/submit.html

ALSO, we still have calendars left... donate here: http://www.cadillacfaq.com/donate.html

$10- gets you a CTS-V calendar
$20 gets you a CTS-V calendar AND a 4 month subscription to THIS forums site (a 4 month subscription gets you these benifits http://www.cadillacforums.com/subscribe.html)

Your donation ALSO helps keep this site and the FAQ site up and running.

Thanks to all those who have donated so far. I will be posting a list shortly on the FAQ.


09-10-05, 03:11 PM
if i donate 10 dollars i get a v calendar. what year is the calendar. is it a 2006 or 2005

09-10-05, 03:17 PM
July 05 to june 06...