View Full Version : HiPo Northstars in the house?

09-10-05, 02:36 AM
Anybody do any head work or cam swaps to their 32-valve-wonders in here?

I'm interested to see what engine modifications have been done in here and what power levels they've produced.

Also, I read in an earlier thread that the bane of the Northstar's exhaust is the front manifold...anybody overcome this? I'm fishing for ideas here.

How much can the 4T80-E take? Is torque steer a much bigger problem after modifying the heads and cams?

09-10-05, 02:38 AM
Mark99STS is the man to answer your question. He's done just abotu everything that really can be done so far. I'm sure he'll find this thread in no time.

09-10-05, 09:37 AM
The northstar responds great to breathing modifications. Exhaust, intake, cams, port work...

Going by GM's other transmissions, the 4t80e can take about 500lb-ft. Higher than that requires modifications, and before that you may need a limited slip to prevent one tire from breaking loose.

09-10-05, 02:34 PM
Other than exhaust, a higher stall speed torque converter, say around 300-3200rpm, is the next best thing for performance. It will allow the engine to spin further up into the power band, before locking which will increase the available power when launching the car. Only problem is, they are expensive, and require some serious work to install. An LSD is alo a nice touch, and will certainly help with traction, and especially eliminating most if not all torque steer.