: Hey, Caddy people...

11-24-03, 06:33 PM
Just saying hi to everybody. I am really glad I finally found this message board. I have a 1983 Sedan DeVille, had it for 7 years (my first car btw) I'm probably not gonna post any pics anytime soon because the bodywork is a real mess (faded paint, some dings and rust :( ) But it is a project car and is in my garage at home. Couple years ago I yanked that "tame" 4100 in favor of a used 350 from a 92 caprice cop car. Motor is basicaly stock, with Edelbrock performer intake and q-jet instead of TBI. Still got stock exaust (can't wait to rip that garbage out) Tranny is a factory 200-4R, rebuilt, with a B&M shift kit. Suspension mods: PST bushings, all of the steering components except the box, 1 1/4" sway bar front, 1" bar rear (added) Needless to say it doesnt ride like a Cadillac anymore, handles like a vette though :) Thats about it for now, slowly but surely it's coming along...

Anyways, glad to meet you all!

the Sandman
11-24-03, 06:36 PM
Hey evilrussian - Welcome to the CadillacForums! Sounds like quite a project you have going on there - what color will it be when it's done? What other plans do you have for it?

Thanks for registering! :welcome: