: Revive from storage?

11-24-03, 05:45 PM
I have a 1968 472 M&M combo unit that I have had in the garage for several (10?) years, and need to see if I can get it rolling again.
It hasn't been cranked in maybe 7 years, and had a fuel pump problem then. Just sitting in the garage.

I remember an old trick I was told to try and get the oil pump working, without cranking the engine, but can't rememmber the details.

I believe it was to tale the distributor out, and spin the oil pump with an electric drill via the slotted "drive" at the end of the distributor.

Can anyone explain it to me again?
Does it really help?
Other suggestions?



11-26-03, 08:55 PM
Well we have had a few threads on what to do, so you can search around and ill give you some things to look for....

Ive never heard the distributor trick...... However, I would change the oil before you even crank that baby..... ITs gonna be basically all varnish, and wont do anything for you...... I think some fresh oil will be sufficient.......

Count on it needing mostly new rubber parts, including tires..... Spend a few hours thoroughly examining everything, and replace as need be..... you dont want something exploding in hte middle of the road and you have a lot of damage!!!!!!!

11-26-03, 09:07 PM
To get the distributor trick to work, it helps if you have a spare distributor laying around. You have to take the shaft out, and the gear off for it to work. Mount the top part of the shaft in the drill chuck, and slide it in until the lower end engages the oil pump shaft. make sure the drill is set to turn the same way the distributor was, Clockwise in this case. I DEFINITELY would change the oil before doing this, or you will regret it later. These early blocks have the smaller oil passages too, so don't risk clogging any of them. Pour a little gas in the vents and down the venturi of the carb to make starting easier. It also may be a good idea to put a teaspoon of oil into each cylinder through the spark plug holes to lubricate the rings. Also consider a new fuel filter, and make sure you double check the brakes!