: Hi

03-01-03, 12:54 AM
New here just poking around trying to unload Grandmas car, check it out in the for sales!

03-01-03, 09:58 AM
Hey mike, welcome aboard!!!! I looked at the cadillac, and it looks very nice. You may consider doing all the things you mentioned before selling it, because if it needs nothing more people would be interested in buying it. Take it from me, I just bought a Q45 and i had to put new tires and belts on it, and i have to buy a new spare key and a remote. But i got such a good deal i couldnt let it go, because Qs are really rare in Indiana. But cadillacs like the one your selling are pretty common, and common to find in good condition. If you want to get your asking price, fix everything and have it inspected. It will be worth your money.

03-01-03, 11:14 AM
Hey ya, how's it going? Welcome!

03-02-03, 02:09 AM

03-02-03, 05:29 PM
Welcome aboard! Find a Caddy and stick around! Or just stick around anyway. :)

03-02-03, 05:30 PM
Yeah, like me. I am a traitor, i know.

03-02-03, 05:34 PM
Haha. We know you have Cadillac blood running in your veins, Wes. :D

03-02-03, 05:36 PM
Yes yes, its true. Maybe if i find a good deal ill trade the Q for a caddy.