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11-24-03, 10:10 AM
well every sunday i head over to the grandparents place , i usuly get there around 5 to get a hour or two for fishing in before getting ready to start the work week .....

well last sunday i just got out of the car and lit a cigarette , my grandfather was across the lake in his boat , he waved over to let me know he was getting ready to come and get me so i could fish , he snagged a line on one of his poles in some weeds and had to get it out . as he leans over to get the line off the weed, the boat flips over with him in it . you dont realize how scary it is to watch your 79 year old granpop flip out of a boat on the otherside of a lake . took me 1 minute to get a boat froma neighbor and another 5 minutes to get across the lake to him . seemed like a eternaty . lucky for me and him he was just up to his neck in water and was stuck in the muck on the lake bottom . otherwise he was fine , bailed the boat out enough to get it to float again (he lifted while i bailed) . drug him into the neigbors boat and we drug the swampped boat to shore . took a while to get it sump pumped out but otherwise its fine and after i go thru the engine to get the water out itll be ready for fishing again .

lucky part is he only has a sore toe and a few bruises , i agrivated a old back injury myself and can hardly move my neck but it was all worth it

he wasnt carrying a life preserver that day and i guess thats the morale of my story , i wouldnt have had to worry near as much (outside the water mocasins and gators) if he had a preserver .

selling this boat and getting him a larger boat , 12 foot is just to damned dangerous

just thought id vent a little ....be safe out on the water kids

11-24-03, 10:57 AM
Glad to here that everyone is ok.
I was out fishing too on sunday and the guy i go with was hanging off a cliff with one arm and i had to help him up. I found it funny b/c he always brags how good his feet are.

11-24-03, 04:11 PM
I have been around boats all my life..... I could parallel park my grandpas 28ft chris craft in 20mph wind at age 5........ I have only had one incident, and thats when I fell out of the boat while it was going full speed..... Fortunately I didnt tighten it up very much, because it made a big circle back and I could grab onto the boat!!!!

But Im glad your grandpa was fine!!

11-24-03, 05:52 PM
Hmm I have a boat.. there isn't a lake within 100 miles of here but I have a boat.. I always use my life jacket too. Go me.