: 1974 Cadillac Coupe Deville

09-07-05, 03:56 PM
PROS: Nice transfer of power, engine sounds smooth and hungry, easy turning steering wheel can be turned lock to lock with your pinky finger, seats are the most comfortable (surpasing any modern car Ive sat in), pleanty of room, safety because of size, smooth suspension, braking power is excellent, easy to work on, acceleration on highway is great (this car is made for the open road).

CONS:Handling is slugish(however thats to be expected for a car of this size). Difficult to park at times. Rear fender extensions have the classic breakage and deterioration characteristics. Car can be too low sometimes and bottoms out in the rear.

Ive done just about everything to get this car running. The car is easy to work on and is worth the labor. The car takes some time to warm up but once its going the car stays on. There have been vaccum line problems I had to work out but other than that it has een fine. The parts you can buy for this car make the car more enjoyable. All in all this car looks great and people always ask me if its for sale.