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11-24-03, 09:40 AM
Well this was my second time there and it was just as good as the first. Me and the g/f had a great time and did lots of stuff while we were there. The weather was great, only rained for about 2 hours the whole time we were there. The first day we got there we did the Senor Frogs bar hopping tour *awesome!* you go to 4 different bars in a 6 hour span. You start out at Come N' Eat, then head over to Carlo's and Charlie's, then head to Senor Frog's, and finish the night off at Coco Bongo. By the time we got to Coco Bongo me and the g/f were toasted and just wanted to check out Coco Bongo and soon after we left. Next day we went on the jungle tour which I did before but this time used a different company. Once again it was a lot of fun but it was real windy the whole time we were down there so the ride to and from the snorkle area was quite rough with the winds and the surf. And that was the day of our one year anniversary so we went to La Isla Mall *really hot mall!* and went to dinner at Margarita's *awesome food, awesome atmosphere*. And then friday rolls around and I wish it hadn't. We signed up for the 4 hour deep sea fishing tour and we were the only one's who signed up for 4 hours so they bumped us up to 6 hours for free. Once again really windy out and the swells in the ocean were 10+ feet. We get out there and my g/f starts to tell me that her stomach doesn't feel good, so I'm like great! She's going to be sick the whole time and we still have 5 hours to go! So she hovering by the window just in case she gets sick. THEN all of a sudden MY stomach starts to hurt! And I was figuring it was just because we didn't eat breakfast so I was hungry. So I let it go and then I went to use the bathroom and they had a little hole cut into the wall so you can look outside. The hole was all of 2x2 feet if that. And that was when I had to throw up so I'm trying to stick my head out this hole and all I could get through was my face so I'm getting sick as all hell and of course we hit this huge wave and the boat comes crashing down and my face gets smashed into the bottom part of the hole and it hurt like hell! THEN the captain mashes on the gas and my chin gets all scraped up from sliding along the bottom part of the hole and I'm cursing at the captain telling him to stop but he keeps on going. Then I try to get out of the bathroom and with hitting all these huge ass waves I'm stuck in the bathroom for 15 min. or so until the boat finally stops and my g/f and two other people are hanging their heads off the side of the boat getting sick. So I just go in the boat and fall asleep on their bed they had in there for the rest of the trip. That night we went on the Fat Tuesday's Booze Cruise *me and the g/f really weren't looking forward to getting back on a boat but we figured why not* you get on this huge party boat with an open bar and they take you to this island with shops, bars, big stage with a band playing and a show, mechnical bull, and food. So we eat and then we do some shopping and then we decided to do the mechanical bull. My g/f wants to go first so she goes on and she almost fell off and the guy stopped and let her off. So I get on and I'm doing alright and just as I tell my g/f that this was easy I get flung off the bull! But it was a lot of fun. Then we watched the show and did some dancing and then hopped back on the boat and went home. Then the next day we went to Xcaret. I recommend this place a lot! Its a big natural reserve with beaches, restaurants, shows, underground river that you swim through *lots of fun*, swim with dolphins *extra money*, ride horses *extra money*, do some scuba diving, snuba'ing, or snorkling *all extra money to do* and our last day there we went shopping at the Marcado and bought some neat stuff and a guy was telling me he liked my Michael Vick jersey and wanted to trade me it for some weed. But that wasn't happening! But all in all it was a lot of fun. Sorry that this was so long!

11-24-03, 04:16 PM
I think that was 3 sentances in all....... :D

Glad you guys had fun!!!! Cancun sounds like a really fun place.....

I went on a deep sea fishing trip one time with my family, and needless to say it was terrible..... I hate fishing to begin with, and then we are out 100 miles out in the middle of the ocean...

11-24-03, 07:01 PM
Sounds like Wes was feeding the fishes what he ate the day before lol. I been scuba-diving off the golden coast of Puerto Rico at night :histeric: That has got to be the most beautiful place I been to. Been to Veracruz, Mexico ....not quite as big a big tourist trap like Cancun. Next year its a trip to all of Baja California Mexico. It's nicer when you got family to show you where all the really good places are that aren't ruined by the tourist or the vultures preying on the tourists.

11-24-03, 07:13 PM
The golden coast, eh?? I may need to take a visit down there.....

My parents have told me I need to move to Golden, CO....

Yeah, I did feed the fish that day!!!! Ironically, we didnt catch any fish the first hour or so. Then I let er fly, and we caught like 6 bluefish and then 7 sea bass right in a row!!!! Its a small price to pay i guess...... :rolleyes:

11-24-03, 07:20 PM
Yeah its a bay on the southern coast of Puerto Rico....you know how lightning bugs glow. Well the same chemicals that makes that glow is in the water. So at night it glows a golden color...real nice to take that special woman in yer life.