: 1994 Eldorado thermostat replacement and coolant leak

05-07-14, 10:28 AM
my thermostat went bad in my car i have 94 cadillac eldorado now i'm trying to find out where it at and the other problem is that when i was putting anti-freeze back in my car once i started it up and i saw coolant running out from the bottom of the car i look at my engine to see where it was coming from and it look like it was coming from the driver side of the engine from the bottom hose does that mean i busted my engine or just the thermostat housing broke i need to know fast before i take it off and replace the thermostat

05-07-14, 10:34 AM
What makes you think the thermostat is bad ? Find the coolant leak first and repair the system. If the 1994 Eldorado has the 4.6 Northstar engine, do a search for "purge line" and make sure that's clear.

Read the sticky posts just above this - the ones on cooling system, gauge operation and fan operation.

For the Northstar, the thermostat is in the lower hose fitting at the water pump cover - on the driver's end of the engine.

05-07-14, 11:38 AM
No you didn't "bust your engine". You simply busted a hose or radiator.

05-07-14, 11:50 AM
If the 1994 Eldorado has the 4.6 Northstar engine, .....It does.