: HP gain with headers

09-06-05, 04:50 PM
Putting new stainless works headers and Magnaflow exhaust on Tuesday. We are removing the cats. I'm also going to do new plugs and wires. What kind of a gain should I see in HP? I have a LPE airbox now with Flowmaster race mufflers and I'm at 348 at the rear now. Will I at least get 20?:thepan:

09-06-05, 04:52 PM
maybe/maybe not. could though

09-06-05, 04:59 PM
You will need a tune, LT are great and we saw 32rhwp with lt and no cats, but we had to tune it

09-06-05, 05:01 PM
gotta get a tune to delete the rear O2 sensors with no cats...or get dummy sensors.

09-06-05, 06:11 PM
If you do i'm coming back to Texas a little sooner.BTW i'm pricing pullys as we speak.