: Third time in....Same problem

09-06-05, 09:50 AM
Hi all,
My '05 SRX goes in to the shop today as the third attempt to fix our problem.
Car only has 850 miles on it and had it for only a month. It was in the shop all last week on two seperate visits. The service manager and service writer saw the car fail right before their very eyes when my wife picked the car on the second visit. They know the problem exists, but have not solved it yet.

I will keep you all informed on what happens. As a consumer, I feel GM needs to fix it or replace it. In California, the lemon law is pretty clear, and I have consulted an attorney that all he does is Lemon law enforcement. I paid good money, so I deserve a good car.

After 4 visits, my attorney can go into action. I refuse to put up with this crap!


09-06-05, 11:18 AM
It would be nice if you would let us know what the problem is!

09-06-05, 12:08 PM
I have two problems that happen at the same time. When the remote key transmitters fail to unlock the car (or lock for that matter) you must enter the car with your key. After you get in and start the car, the tire pressure montior says "service soon" OR you get no readings of pressure, just lines where the numbers should be.

After an hour or so, it returns to normal. After another hour or so, it malfunctions again.


09-07-05, 07:38 AM
It is possible the remote transmitters need to be reprogrammed.

The tire pressure monitors can be reprogrammed using the remote transmitters. This would, of course, require that the remote transmitters are working properly.

I do recall that you have had a problem with the Driver's Information Center as well. Have they considered replacing the DIC?

09-07-05, 03:15 PM
The transmitters were reprogramed by the dealer the first time in. It still did the same thing. Second time, they changed a reciever. Still the same. Whats next?
I really don't care anymore. Its not my job to play mechanic on a car that has a warranty. Like I said before, I'm waiting for the fourth time in and then its Lemon law time. The way me and my wife feel now, we probably won't get another GM product. Looks as if my first Japanese car will be Lexus or infiniti.


09-07-05, 03:33 PM
Thats GREAT!!!! I've heard those cars have no problems!!!!! :cookoo:

09-07-05, 05:20 PM
Excellent response Kipp.

09-07-05, 05:21 PM
Good service is hard to find, I had a problem years ago with a Saturn, being from an electronics background I even told the dealer what the problem was and even where in the car that the problem was, the dealer could not find it after 3 visits.
My warranty was running out in the meantime and after the 3rd visit the warranty was dead, I took the car to a diferent dealer and explaind the problem, they not only fixed the problem the first time but they went to bat for me and forced GM to cover the repair under warranty.

My advise is simple, try another dealer!

09-07-05, 06:22 PM
:lildevil: I also owned a Lexus and an Infiniti. The alternator and Emissions cpu went out on the Infiniti. And as far as the Lexus, be prepared to be SEvice BUlletined to DEATH. Service bulletin is Japanese for the car has a RECALL but we let the owners figure it out first so that it won't hurt the reputation of the company. Also they usually fix the problem when your doing an oil change and you mention the problem to their Service advisor. Infiniti by the way is the better BRAND, by far.

09-07-05, 06:43 PM
Nope! Not taking the car to another dealer. No way, no possible way. The other dealership close to us is horrible and has a huge reputation for being the worst of the worst!

I'm not going to go running around the state to find a dealer that might find the problem. Not after spending my hard earned money. Its GM job to take care of Me- THE CUSTOMER, not me to take care of THEM.

And the way I look at it, after this time that they fail, It only will be one more time at the dealer and then my attorney steps in.

Fix it or replace it.


09-07-05, 06:43 PM
Funny, Everyone that I know including my whole family loves Japanese cars. The reason: They hardly ever have a problem. And whats even funnier, they always say they had a American car FIRST but got tired of the problems!

Food for thought,

09-07-05, 07:10 PM
Seems like a gross over-reaction to an electronic glitch! Try a Mercedes or BMW; or, give the system a fair chance to rectify a fairly minor problem!!!!!

09-07-05, 07:28 PM
I guess I am the opposite of your family, I went from Japanese to American.

As far as the problem I went through a similar situation with my SRX but it was for a:banghead: different issue trying to get fixed. I called the Cadillac Service number and they arranged for me to take my vehicle to another dealer and hold and behold the problem was fixed.:shhh: Try to take the vehicle to a dedicated Caddy dealer, the techs are better trained and have more experience with the vehicles.

09-07-05, 10:11 PM
Thats GREAT!!!! I've heard those cars have no problems!!!!!

Don't kid yourself Kipp, you know Lexus or Infiniti's problems per car are a lot lower than Cadillac or GM! Prove GM quality is better, good luck.:cookoo:

And hey, It may sound minor or just a glitch. Go ahead, make fun of my situation. Its not funny when your new car after one day starts up with electrical problems. And then is in the shop for almost two weeks out of a month of total ownership.

And guess what?-the General manager called me today to discuss the situation and he even agrees that more must be done. He even mentioned that after three attempts-the car should be replaced!!!!

How do you like that? The General manager even agreed!

Maybe Cadillac owners that have had problems with their cars should not post here. It offends some people to hear true stories.


09-07-05, 10:27 PM
Holding you car for that long, 2 weeks??? Sounds to me like your problem is with your dealer. I had a similar problem with a caddy dealer in Chicago-- Grossinger. They did not fix any of the problems, "they are all like that" they said. Went to another dealer, Napleton. Fixed all the problems in a day, gave me a loaner and washed the car. Just like you shopped around for the car, you should do the same with its service. If cars had no problems they wouldnt have warrantys. Your problems arent worth the lemon law, or do I think they would constitute, using your key to open the door. c'mon! The manager sounds to be playin "good cop bad cop" with you because he does'nt want you to rip him on his survey. As far as the other makes go, read up on their forums.
Not after spending my hard earned money. Its GM job to take care of Me- THE CUSTOMER, not me to take care of THEM. Do you walk in the showroom saying this?? Maybe that is why your getting the service your getting.

09-07-05, 11:11 PM
Kipp-Your right if only the key fobs were bad. But you forgot that the tire pressure monitor goes out and has the "Service Tire monitor" message too. My attorney says that the tire pressure monitor is the way to enforce the lemon law. Tire safety is a issue these days.
And no, I talk calmly to the people at the dealership. I have never
raised my voice or been unprofessional. Sadly, some here have been pretty rude to judge my situation with Cadillac. Maybe I will have to go to another dealership. Its 15 miles away and in California traffic, that means about 30 minutes one way.
I guess if I'm forced to, I will have to.


09-08-05, 08:49 PM
DJFcars, I believe that is your best bet.

And I can tell you from a technician's point of view...Japanese cars have just as many problems as domestic cars do, AND the parts generally cost much more.

09-09-05, 10:12 AM
The dealership called me yesterday and told me that Cadillac tech has no clue on how to fix the problem. The way I look at it, Cadillac is backing themselves into a corner.
If it stays at the dealership more than 20 more days, The lemon law will apply, Or they release the car back to me, then I will merely take it back for the fourth time. Lemon law applies again.

Why am I being so stubborn? Because they keep promising me that they will find the problem so......I'm holding to them to their promise. Hey, the car has been gone for so long now, we are getting used to the CTS loaner car. We actually love that car!


09-10-05, 02:38 AM
Friday Afternoon the dealership called me and told me that they found the problem.

Here is what is on my repair order:

"Found damaged wire to door lock reciever causing a intermmitant heat related failure in that circuit. Run new wire to door lock reciever and reinstall hardware"

This does explain why my wife said the car seemed to act up every time it was in the hot sun. Time will tell. I hope this is the end to this repair nightmare. We would really like to start to enjoy the car for once!


09-10-05, 01:25 PM
DJFCARS quote: “Funny, Everyone that I know including my whole family loves Japanese cars. The reason: They hardly ever have a problem. And whats even funnier, they always say they had a American car FIRST but got tired of the problems!”

Djfcars, the reason “everyone” you know including your “whole family” loves Japanese cars is because they had great experiences with THEIR cars. I have owned Japanese and German cars and every car I have ever owned has had issues.

DJFCARS quote: “Don't kid yourself Kipp, you know Lexus or Infiniti's problems per car are a lot lower than Cadillac or GM! Prove GM quality is better, good luck”

Djfcars, this forum is a great place to post your issues but it seems that you need to get your facts straight. What is your source of the above quote? Your family and friends? Look at the top 5 ranking of the overall industry according to a little outfit called J.D. Power. Looking at the top 5 performers, 3 are American, 1, Japanese, and 1 German. Buick and Cadillac…who makes them?... oh yeah GM! Do you need more data to “Prove GM quality is better”? I am not trying to change your mind, just trying to enlighten you. According to the industry survey, you should consider your family and friends extremely fortunate since “They hardly ever have a problem.” I agree that the past generations had bad experiences with American built cars, however things change.

I hope that your issue has been resolved, but you should make a distinction between the car and your dealer. I love my SRX but I am neutral regarding the Cadillac service (an issue for another thread). Instead of attacking the car, you should channel your efforts to addressing the problems with your dealer.

Good luck and God bless America.

J.D. Power Nameplate Ranking
(Problems per 100 vehicles)
Lexus 139
Porsche 149
Lincoln 151
Buick 163
Cadillac 175
Infiniti 178
Toyota 194
Mercury 195
Honda 201
Acura 203
BMW 225
Ford 231
Chevrolet 232
Chrysler 235
Industry Average 237

09-10-05, 05:19 PM
I errored. Cadillac beat Infinity by 3 points. Call me Cookoo if it makes you feel good. I choose not to call people names. Leave Infiniti out, Ok? I was correct on Lexus.

Lets break this down so even you can understand. Lexus is a part of Toyota. Cadillac is a part of GM. Buick is a part of GM. Chevrolet is a part of GM also.

So to be fair, lets combine ALL divisions. Its a overall look at the situation.

Lexus is 139 Toyota is 194 Average score is 166.5

Buick is 163 Cadillac is 175 Chevrolet is 232 Average score is 190

If you were watching, I always talked about GM's quality.

Average score of Toyota 166.5

Average score of GM 190

190 for GM. 166.5 for Toyota Thank You J.D. Powers. Dam you made it easy!


09-10-05, 07:46 PM
Well, that logic doesn't actually work. You would need to combine all of GM's divisions -- Saab, Pontiac, etc. -- i.e., the ones that had lower than average scores.

09-10-05, 07:49 PM
I guess that would also mean you would have to add Scion into the mix as well. But averaging all of the GM cars does not make much sense since GM has so many divisions. Aren't we really talking about Cadillacs here... an odd notion since this is a Cadillac forum. Let me say WooHooo!! Being in the top 5 is pretty darn great. :thumbsup: Still loving my SRX!

09-10-05, 08:09 PM
The logic is fine. It was based on J.D Powers top performers. All I did was align the subdivisions in on the average. But even if Scion was added, GM has pontiac, Saab, Land Rover, Hummer. This could only work in favor of Toyota.

Actually, I don't give a dam how good the Japanese cars are. I bought the Cadillac because we liked it. I always liked GM. My last car is a truck, a 2003 Avalanche.

It has been flawless. My anger with our SRX was partly at the dealer. But I was patient with them and it paid off. Instead of getting mad, and making threats and taking the car out of their hands and to another dealer, I gave them a chance. And after 2 weeks, they found the problem. Electrical problems are the worst and I even warned my wife that it might be a long road to find it. And yes, if they could not fix it after 4 or 5 times, any consumer in California has the right to use the law to correct it.

Enough Said-Like I said before, I hope we can enjoy our SRX like everyone else now!


09-11-05, 12:40 PM
apples to oranges...........