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11-23-03, 07:27 PM
Hi all, joined about 2 months ago but haven't had time to cruise the site. I have a 96 STS with 75000 miles. Bought in it April(65000 mi) of this year and love this car. The only work i've had to do is the brakes (pads and rotors) all the way around. I did discover a problem today - I have a fuel leak. Looks like the pipe that goes from the gas cap to the fuel tank is leaking. Does anyone know where I can get a shop manual ?


11-23-03, 08:30 PM
Welcome aboard... Thanks for signing up.......

Got any pictures of your baby??? We are definitely getting a better midwestern base.... hopefully we'll be able to get a meet going sometime next spring!!!!

Usually you can get shop manuals on ebay..... but be cautioned DO NOT BUY THE ONES ON CD!!! Usually they are TSB cds, while they are useful, they arent a FSM.... If you cant find one on ebay, you can get one at www.helminc.com

if you like, you can start a new thread about your fuel leak, but it sounds simple..... let keep this your intro thread!!!!!