View Full Version : C6 1/4 Mile times made me feel better

09-05-05, 10:47 PM

You'll see quite a few guys with C6 coupes and Z51 option lamenting their 13.5 sec 1/4 mile times. Makes me feel better about my 13.50 @ 106.5mph. I've been lurking on the corvetteforum for awhile. Looking to get a 2006 C6 stripper.

Ext. Color - Lemans Blue or Orange (can't make up my mind)
Int. Color - Cashmere
6 speed auto with paddle shift

Should be able to score this for GMS @ $44K-$45K. May have to wait until January when there's about 3 feet of snow up north and dealers are willing to deal. Maxie Price seems to be about the best according to the forum guys.

09-05-05, 10:54 PM
I saw a C6 with an auto running 13.0's. All stock...

09-05-05, 11:15 PM
Good 'cuz that's what I'm looking to buy. And of course we're all stock aren't we? :D

09-05-05, 11:24 PM
I read an article somewhere that said the vettes will run as fast as the labs by 2009 & it also went to say it will have the pickup speed of 0-60 3 seconds flat.. thats fast. it was on car & driver website i think.. let me see if i can find it. They quoted the outlook future from GM vette enegineer to what he thinks the vette will be by then..

if i can find it, i will post it here..

later blitzer

09-06-05, 03:16 AM
In the new october issue of MT (i think) has a red vette zo6 (2006) at 3.5 seconds 0-60 and 11.5 1/4 mile- DAMN!!!!!!!!!!!!

Im gonna buy one of those puppys :bouncy:

09-06-05, 07:38 AM
My buddy goes 12.8 @ 110mph on a bone stock Z51 C6 corvette. Still getting used to it, and still brand new.

09-06-05, 08:46 AM
And everyone thought I was crazy when I said I held with a C6 a few months ago.

09-06-05, 02:29 PM
I had 2 C6 Corvettes...both z51 cars...1auto...1 manual. As much as I like my cts-v, it's at least a 1/2 second behind 0-60 & quarter mile. The difference is the extra 600lb. the cadillac has to carry.