: Rusty underside on 05' SRX

09-05-05, 04:15 PM
First post here. Just bought an 05' SRX with the 8 cylinder engine. Really enjoyed the car until I took a look underneath. There is pitting paint and rust bubbles on some of the surfaces [anti-roll bar, muffler, etc.]. Not to mention the rotors and calipers. Car had 9k miles and was a GM Program car and Certified. Was purchase through a Caddy dealer here in Houston.

I have an 02' Z06 that has zero rust underneath with almost 35K on it and my old minivan from Mazda with 65K on it doesn't have any rust either.

I'm going to take it back to the dealer and ask to have fixed [sand down and re-coated with some protectant, etc.?]

Anyone had similar issues? Suggestions? I've had the car about 6 weeks now.


09-05-05, 05:09 PM
Why did you look underneath the car? Probably just cosmetic. I doubt that it's anything serious with a 2005. My brakes have a little rust that is purely cosmetic too.
I noticed many cars have this "problem" around their brakes Mine is a 2004 with 5400 miles.

Johan Ahlqvist
09-07-05, 05:56 AM
In Sweden where I live is it standard on all Cadillacīs with a additional rustprotection that they do here in Sweden. Whith original rustprotection and this additional rust protection the car will have a far longer live and mutch nicer to look under. I relay recomend to give som extra protection to your car, Amercian cars donīt have so good protection from the beginning.

09-11-05, 09:45 PM
Thanks for the response Guys. I'm going to take the car in to have the service manager take a look. Just doesn't seem like a year-old car should have this much surface rust on bottom. Never had that on a car before and especially not one this $$.

I'll let you knwo how it goes......