: House Jumping RC

the Sandman
11-23-03, 02:36 PM
Click link (http://showcase.netins.net/web/isuguy/housejump.wmv).

11-23-03, 04:21 PM
I seen that before.....still a good video.

11-23-03, 07:56 PM
Thats freakin awesome lol.

11-24-03, 09:52 AM
That was awsome! but i smell some repairs on the way.
im gone.

11-24-03, 12:46 PM
that was cool. That was one of those 1/8th scale nitro buggies. They have .21cc engines, not cheep.

11-24-03, 03:20 PM
rofl ...that kicked ass , and it ran afterward!!!

only way to make that beatter was to have a dukes of hazzard general lee body on it

Allante North *
11-25-03, 09:10 PM
That was awesome Sandman, now lets see some ricer try it with his stickers and wing.

c5 rv
11-25-03, 09:24 PM
I will NOT show that one to my teenage sons.