: Any Breakdowns Here?........

09-05-05, 12:46 PM
Recently my 3 month old CTS broke down leaving us stranded on a toll road. Turns out the tranny went and it took them a week to fix it. Since I've read so many problems here about the V having rear-end issues, etc. have any of you actually been left on the side of the road waiting for a tow truck?


09-06-05, 12:17 AM
Well, kinda, my rear exploded, and I was stuck. I was not on the road, but not at home either.

09-06-05, 05:08 PM
Let's see, side of the road waiting for a tow truck.

Once, twice, three times, plus last time.......that would be four.

Here's the latest:

New rear diff
New clutch and pressure plate
PCM reflashed
Alarm Set (disabled from factory)
Adjust parking brake
Wheel Hop Bushings
Repair Transmission - Parts on national back order. Need Syncros, shaft, etc.

My car's been at the dealer for 9 days now and they're hoping to have it done by Friday, bringing this visit total to 13 days plus the previous 8 days for a grand total of 21 days out of service in 9 months. :banghead:

09-06-05, 05:22 PM
only 21? I was out of comission for almost 24 days consecutively...I feel your pain, Chris.