: CTS V Secret Hiding Places

09-05-05, 10:53 AM
I have had my V for a little over a year and have not found any cool secret hiding places. You know, a spot where you can hide away your wallet or keys or something so that it is not in plain view and only you know its there.

Any ideas?


09-05-05, 11:25 AM
Any ideas?
Now, if I told you, it wouldn't be a 'secret hiding place' anymore, would it?


09-05-05, 12:17 PM
i keep some extra cash under the cup holder arm rest...well, not anymore.

09-06-05, 04:12 AM
Depending on how "secret" it needs to be, if you know what I mean, you can easily pop the rear seat bottom up and stash some items under it.

09-06-05, 06:54 AM
INSIDE THE BATTERY HOLDER, use spider wire & run your secret down inside gas tank, but make sure the container likes gas. lol pop up the headrest, and use the holes.
or the bottom of the tilt headrest. the middle backseat cup holder, you can kit it out and use a electric hinge with a sliding flat billit panel that will open & close.. you can use any buttin in you car to make the kit open & close with a tuner prgram.. like efi live. same sa you would make a light a shift light.. many many more.. i am checking on the black aluminum panel for the back seat now. it would allow for 3 cubic feet of room, or close to it. plus the cup holders stay in place hiding the cover.. i was thinking on using it for my crossover controls, extra keys, amps.. stuff that i want to hide but easy to get into..
If you lose your keys, you can have onstar open the car, then open the sliding case to get your spare..

later blitzr