View Full Version : Will the Detroit CT Locker diff work in the V?

09-05-05, 03:06 AM
Just wondering.. Since i do not know the model number of our diff i can not match up to what they offer.. but they build great & strong stuff being diffs.. even for nascars that pull strong even into turns..

Go here and check it out.. if i can find a way to make there diffs work im going to do it.. you know me.. i willnot give up untill i know for certain the answer is NO WAY. now im not talking about the diff that is just for cars that make left hand turns in tracks, they make the same diff that will pull just as strong in both turns, aand strong out the light or straight away.

anyway, there site is.

let me know your thoughts.. if you know the model, on the right is a place to click and match..

latr blitzer

09-05-05, 08:42 AM
Blitzer, the limited slip and even the gearset are not our problem.

The case is so ridiculusly weak its not even funny.

I looked into this and am sure I could make the C2 'Vette center section work. I figure to do it for someone would be about a 3-4K ordeal. I know this would work, the cradle will need some modification, then you will need to mate the C2 axle to the V axle.

Simple!! Well sorta.

09-05-05, 08:47 AM
NO NO i understand that... i am looking into something else that has been thowed my way.. something could be modified but also that unit is great from a strip run, or street..

I have someone or company looking into a way now, that would take a Cf shaft 12 to 14 inches long, flanges on it, to able to come close to the vette setup without tearing the whole damn rear end out from under it... as i get more info, or a blueprint on it i will pass it along.. i am just asking about this unit..

later blitzer

09-05-05, 08:56 AM
oh i for got to tell ya.. i bought another 2005 V cheap.. it was used... wil be delivered most likely in 10 days or so. it had 18,400 miles on it... mother bought it for her son before he died of leukemia.. i got for 30k that was tax & title, tag out the drive way price, could have talked her down, but felt sorry for her loosing her son... his pix are everywhere in her house, beofre hairloss... it was aweful thing i could just only imagine of going thu that.. but car it is all stock, except it has an nice stereo system in it,, with 3 amps 2 10 inch subs in a box in trunk.. re routed stereo sytem leaving the bose &nav & onstar intact...

so you see i have an experiment im working on, that will have to do with the total driveline.. we are going to tear the entire rear end down and do measurements, all sort of things.. this way i do not tear my V up..

later blitzer

09-05-05, 08:58 AM
mothers hide yer children!!!
blitzer has TWO Vs now OMG :eek:


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09-05-05, 10:54 PM
lol urb you crazy ass.. Hey i sell it to ya when i get done with it, then you can have two, ok? lol

later blitzer

09-06-05, 12:16 AM

Well keep me posted, as I'm sure you know I'm kinda a amature injinere......

09-06-05, 06:46 AM
lol ctsv05.. yeah right.. you know your stuff pretty damn well.. you crazy ass.. you and URB are brothers i think... lmao

I want to change it completely, so eith i will do the CF shaft thingm make it like a vette rear end.. or i will try to adapt a 12 bolt rear end then add a detroit to it.. thwy have been around for a long time, ther nascar stuff works pretty well.. Since i like cars i like that go over long duration runs better than the drag strip, i would like something that would be to pull very strong thru curves as well.. when we go thru curves now, with the current Getrag diff we havem and those that have proved to us THAT ther is a problem, that is very dangerous...

Lets say yo go thru a curve doing 70mph.. the road sign ahead says danger reduce speed from 75 to 70... so you go thru that curve at 70 and difff pops... if it was extreme enough and dropped the shaft, over you go hurling you thousands of feet downwards and i fear the end would come to you...

Thats a lawsuit... esp if there has been NO MODS TO YOUR CAR,, IT REMAINED STOCK. With all the proof of all these diffs going out, all the pics, GM showing they will do some sort of a 2006 replace... GN could be in for one hell of a lawsuit.. sorta like that ford truck suit tha happened, when impacted on the driver side the damn thing would explode... FORD is still forking out millions from that & all those cop cars that were blowing up to do a faulty gas tank design in those crown vics & taurus's...

So dont think it can not happen. It might take 5 to 10 years to fight it, but sooner or later they lose and thats alot of money that could go to research, or just fix the damn thing right to begin with... just recall now before it gets out of hand..

GM i hope you read this, your law coporate office will not be happy, and plus paying all those company lawyers sux the well dry. Cheaper in the long term..

Right now there is enough ppl to do a regulated suit.. most states all you need is three to start it. It shows you these ppl are good ppl on these forums, if they wanted to make Gm lifes hell they could do it..
Media would be all over it... the crazy thing about it, ppl like ford, & there compention would secretly fund it just to get ahead in the auto industry.. it is a dog eat dog in that level.
I say recall, fix it when the parts are in, but do the recall notice now. that gives enough tme for all V owners to get the word that are not members of this forum... CAN you imagine the numbers of the ones that are not members that have had trouble with the diff? I have seen a few totalled V's in the junkyard in florida.. Friend of mine owns a huge wrecker & car yard.. That was the first time i seen a V, it was a 2004... i waited till 05 to get mine hopen all the kinks were out. But there was a dozen CTS that were wrecked, same diff right? and about 4 V's.. they keep those under lock and key warehouse unless completely destroyed, like one of them were... One was so crushed i thought it was a corsair,,, it hit a wall doing over 160, it what the paper on it said... there was still pieces of hair & scalp on the what was left winshield.. was aweful.. it looked like it was hit by a hellfire missile, then stepped on by the hulk, front end first.. lol diff could have snappd, lot control hit wall... i bet that deceased family members knows nothing of the rear end diff problems.. what will GM do under normal operating conditions & it fails & takes out innocent lives? So GM.. just recall the damn thing, save yourselves now or try to figue out how to save face later!

later blitzer

09-06-05, 06:48 AM
lol urb you crazy ass.. Hey i sell it to ya when i get done with it, then you can have two, ok? lol

later blitzer
Nah you should trade it to me, you can have my 06 CTS!

09-06-05, 07:03 AM
lol No lmao...

I am going to sell my V though. when i get in hot rod, & i finally exhaust all mods capable of doing that is reasonable of course... & when it is 700hp... i will sell.\then guess what,,, i will start all over again.. i love it.. it is a hobby.. if it was a job i would hate it.. but i guarrentee when the V is finally done, it will be so damn fast you better have some respect for it, if not it will kill you deader than dead.. lol

I might do a 2007 CTS-V maybe by then they will add the 427 to it...
If not i might do a charger, and add a manual tranny to it... dont know yet... i will start looking in about a year,, my V now with all the mods and HP has only 5200miles. i have had it for 7 months... been in garage so long working on it, dont get to drive alot..

later blitzer

09-06-05, 09:01 AM
Blitzer, with your cash and my mind I could.....RULE THE WOOOIIILLDDDDDDDD!!!!

Oh, uhh, sorry, anyway , wish I lived closer, sounds like we would have a blast!!

Honestly, tho, if money were not a determining factor, I would go with an aluminum 9" housing, machine and spec for axle flanges, modify the cradle to fit, and develop an axle to adapt, and go that route, as this would prove bullet proof for your projected HP levels.

Not to mention the ability to change gear sets quickly, so you could drag race one weekend, and do the one lap of America the next.

09-06-05, 09:21 AM
yeah your right.. i have put some ford niners under a few camaros... damn there were easy to worjk on... just pull the axles out, God i wish, it seems alot of companies are scared... ive been turned away from many a fab shop that builds race cars... they see that caddy and get scared for some reason... weird... if i still had my mig machine and tig unit truvk i would do it myself dammit.. thast why i bought that other V.. im tearing down starting today... i have 2 freinds that need the money, they got laid off, they are aircraft mechs so they are good... one has engineer degree,,,
so we are going to see what we can do with it... after we figure it out, we will put back togetherm not going to tear her up... and sale it... i might put a maggie on, some different rims,, make look nice.. then sale it make my money back... then use the design we figured out and made put it on mine..

later blitzer