: MSD Blaster Coil LS1/LS6

09-04-05, 04:29 AM
Do you think they are worth the money? My relocation kit came in.. so if im going to do it, now is the time... but i do not want to throw money out the window. i could use it for other mods.. I have used MSD products on serveral cars before and always MSD came thru.. Please give me your thoughts of notta not good, or hell yes, do it.. lol thanx guys,, this really helps me. pic below later blitzerhttp://www.victoryracingengines.com/products/images/MSD-8245.jpg

09-04-05, 05:15 AM
Also guys.. I was looking for sire at the B&M shifter... Now i have 2 i am trying to decide on..

I need you preference and thoughts.. Man this is hard trying to decide which is best... Dont get me wrong, i like the UUC as well.. But i elimnated the UUC not only because several ppl had problems on here, but ppl i know in real life that had problems as well.. I am not getting into that, because thats for each own's decision in that matter, and none of know if it is due to driving abuse, or defect, & i am not going to decide either way.. So UUC is out for now..

Now moving along, I have TWO that i have dwindled down to.. I put a small write up for each, with pics.. You tell me your preference, and if you want to you can say why... That is what helps me... Even if it is negative, i am good taken the neg with the good, putting it all together to have a problem solver... aFTER all thats what these forums are all about.

Ok the first one is called a ROUSCH.

Jack Roush's lifelong passion for hotrods has been a driving force in the development of Roush Performance Products, an exciting line of performance vehicles, crate engines, and aftermarket parts. Roush Performance bridges the gap between road and track, the first company to blend legendary racing experience with advanced engineering and manufacturing expertise.

http://www.victoryracingengines.com/products/images/BMM-45070.jpgsame as above, ROUSCH, YES IT IS IN A MUSTANG BUT ON A TREMEC just like ours..

Ok the next one is of course the B&M short throw.. Samething, pics with small writeup.. So far, all the V owners that have installed it seem to love it, except maybe 1 or 2.. not bad odds really.. below is pics & write up.

THE B&M Shifter:
When you're racing to win, the last thing you want to be doing is worrying about your shifter. B&M's Ripper shifter sticks are cast from 17-4 stainless steel, housed in a durable 6061-T6 aluminum base, and have a full-circle adjustment stop collar.

ok guys, help me out here, so far the reason why my car runs so well, is all the advice you guys help me with, So why quit now.. Think of it like, your building with me...lol

later.. blitzer

09-04-05, 07:55 AM
why not go B&M, its a known entity....

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09-04-05, 11:01 AM
I have never felt a difference with upgraded coils like MSD, on my previous cars and my friends.
I think it's a waste unless you run F/I at high boost levels and need a more powerful spark. Or running a 150 shot or more of NOS.

Jst my experience.

09-04-05, 11:15 AM
I have never felt a difference with upgraded coils like MSD, on my previous cars and my friends.
I think it's a waste unless you run F/I at high boost levels and need a more powerful spark. Or running a 150 shot or more of NOS.

Jst my experience.

I agree 100%. The factory system is very powerful. Dont forget most racecars ran with one coil not eight and did fine. Its overkill IMO. I ran 9-10lbs of boost on my LT-1
never an ignition problem. I would throw in a set of NGK V series plugs if you want a cheap tweek. Never been a fan of platinum plugs for high performance. Its a longevity plug.

09-04-05, 02:46 PM
IF the Roush shifter isn't made for remote mount then it's useless (in the V) the t-56's are NOT interchangable.

09-04-05, 02:59 PM
Barak has the B&M and he seems to like it. I felt it and it felt waaaaaay better than the stock. He did say that it was a little louder tho but I am definately thinking about getting it. As for the MSD, I had asked that same question a month or so ago. I always had good success with their ignitions, but their kit seems a little on the pricy side. I always looked at MSD as a cheap add on...

09-04-05, 05:30 PM
I completed my first long-ish freeway cruise with the B&M yesterday. About 50 miles one way. No dynamat in my ride. I've previously posted the noise levels were easily acceptable on short runs. On this longer run, once on the freeway in sixth gear, a slight high-frequency tone was just barely detectable in the mix of exhaust, wind, tire, A/C and stereo clutter. Fabulous wife confirmed it was there. Turning the stereo up one detent cured it. After a time we were able to just tune it out, as it is neither pervasive nor irritating. On the trip back we didn't even notice it was there.

Hearing is a very personal thing. It sounds like anyone who had a complaint about noise inflitration using the B&M was able to correct it with a little Dynamat.

Also, I detected no change in effort over the longer, hotter run, as has been reported buy one user. I can also report it is much, much easier to get in reverse gear with the shorter shifter. So easy I have to double check that the "R" comes up in the display to confirm I didn't just grab 5th.

09-05-05, 02:30 AM
Well thats the deal.. i do have FI & i will have a NOS setup within 10 days... I am working closely with a few comapnies that might do a small sponorship just to get in the magazine shoot. I will a good NOS setup, i might try to split it,,, one for cooling, one for hp... I already got the release pressure vlaves in.. pretty cool... they will spray out the sides of the car for show.. lol thats intimitading look... then of course a short 20-30 second shot of power for the last few feet of the run.. by the time i get thru i am hoping with nitrous, i might be within the 700-750hp range for the finish line.
we will see..

later blitzer

09-05-05, 02:32 AM
ben im sure about that one.. if that is strictly the ford one, or if there is GM one.. They talked like they had both..

09-07-05, 09:30 PM
Get in touch with me on those parts and the fuel system Michael, we will get you fixed up.

09-07-05, 09:45 PM
Nick.... i just left yo a message on your answering machine at work..

09-07-05, 09:47 PM
I Know Guys Running 8.50's With The Stock Coil Packs. So Take That The Way You Want. Its Your Money. They Look Pretty. But Thats It

09-07-05, 10:08 PM
So Take That The Way You Want. Its Your Money. They Look Pretty. But Thats It

We are not talking about that.. there is other parts me & nick from his shop are talking about...

09-07-05, 10:09 PM
I Know. I Am Talking About The Topic Nothing Else

09-07-05, 10:18 PM
I have used MSD stuff before.. they have great spark control with massive spark power.. im not looking to gain hp from it... i have a shit load of that already... im worried more about the nitrous thing when i get it alll hooked up, will i have enuff spark then with force induction, bigger valves, bigger cam with more lift... will my spark be enuff at stock range running WAY OVER stock range.. see what i mean now? thats the thing im worried about.. i am going to do a test... im going to get a volt/spark reading from each one & compare to see how much differ they really are... if it is close then yes your right waste of $$$$ but if it is over like by 5 times then i dont know.. i will have to think on it.. also moving to colorado soon, air is leaner at those high alts, so im wondering about that as well...

later blitzer

09-07-05, 10:20 PM
You Are Still Going To Use The Maggie With The Nos Or Not, And If So What Size Of Shot Are You Going To Use

09-07-05, 10:27 PM
Like I Was Saying I Know Guys Running 8.50's With The Stock Coil Packs. My Close Buddy Has A Camaro With Almost 850 Rwhp Running 9's With A 300 Shot And Runs Perfect. The Only Thing Is That They Are Pretty Because They Are A Different Colour. People Been Running Ls1's For Years And Years Withh Stock Coilpacks. Now Msd Brought These Out And It Is Like The Other Ones Are Junk Or Something. Stocker Are Perfect

09-07-05, 10:43 PM
150 shot... i want that kit that produces up to 250hp... it is an direct port kit, with a plate that goes under the maggie... i just have to find the comapny that makes that one.. i thin it is NSX.. im working on that atm... i have alike 10 projects all going at the same time... damn im only getting like 4 hours slep a night... iworked on v all night lastnight till 6am.. i did not realize time went by so fast until i see the sky starting to get bright,, that dawns earky light... geeesh.. but i have to get all this done, im doing this alnoe. cause my other friends are working on the over V taking the whole rear end out, so we can try to adapt the c5 diff to it... the shaft came in today... with the pllates on it.. they should have the rest done by tomorrow, taking off the whole rear assmebly that is..

later blitzer

09-07-05, 10:46 PM
What Size Of Pully Are You Going To Run On Your Maggie

09-08-05, 11:51 AM
What Size Of Pully Are You Going To Run On Your Maggie
You see it coming don't you. High compression engine + forced induction + BIG N20 shot = One really loud Bang

09-08-05, 05:52 PM
im using a 2.75.. pulley...

lol big bang.. i know what you mean. yes it can happen.. but as long as you do not have any perdetonation you are ok... thats the trick... so i plan on doing it the right way.. it is and will be more for looks than running... i have never needed up to now? so why would i use it all the time... i am going to have it hooked up, but im also going to have unhooked in the back or valve closure that would make me have to stop, get out, and turn it on... see what i mean now?
trust me.. i am more conservative than you realize... i am also careful, i have to be.. i have my first child otw within 7 weeks... ;)

later blitzer