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09-03-05, 01:22 AM
Hi all,

When I go through the DIC screen to see tire pressures, outside temp, miles per gallon used, and so on, I come across a message that says: low range.

Whats that? I looked through the owners manual but nothing is there about that one. Any Ideas????


09-03-05, 01:27 AM
Under what catagory does it appear? Sounds like "miles to empty"

09-03-05, 01:41 AM
Hi Sgilbert,
It appears as you roll through the information on the DIC by pushing the button right above the CLR button. It does go away as you push the button to see oil life, outside temp, trans oil life, miles per gallon. I think it is right after the outside temp display and close to the individual tire pressure readouts. You would think the manual would have something, but it dosen't.

Does this help? P.S. Gas gauge shows a bit past full


09-03-05, 05:38 AM
I only get that when I'm low on fuel. I can't imagine what else it would mean?


09-03-05, 08:04 AM
It should read at least a few hundred miles if your tank is full. It is supposed to come on when your almost out of gas. Try hitting the reset button when that shows up ; but i bet you need need a new radio and computer. Mine automatically resets when I fill-up. It's a glitch. Does your computer accurately tell you how many gallons you used?

09-03-05, 10:53 AM
"Does this help? P.S. Gas gauge shows a bit past full"

No! Sounds like a bad DIC. No snide comments!

09-03-05, 05:26 PM
Thanks everybody-
I'll fill up and see what happens. I hope my DIC is not bad. That would mean the dealership would be going into the wiring system a bit and I always get a little worried about that!! And yes, no snide remarks---My wife would kill me if she found out 8^)
Sorry SGILBERT, I could NOT RESIST!!!!

Thanks again,