: For those with 20's, what tire size did you get?

09-02-05, 07:19 AM
I've been doing some research, prior to purchasing 20" Vogue CV-7's (link http://vogue-tyre.com/upimages/wheels/CV-7/cv7-pass_100.jpg), and was wondering which size tire to use. Here's what I found...

Original tire sizes are...
Front P235/60VR18 = 9.25" x 29" overall dimensions
Rear P255/60VR18 = 10" x 29"

Options for new 20" tires (same size on all 4 tires), wide as possible.
(1.) Dealer installs Goodyear GTIIs P275/45VR20 = 10.8" x 29.75"
(2.) Hankook VETUS ST RH06's on the web, P275/40WR20 = 10.8" x 27.8"

I'd prefer option 2, because they are higher speed rated, less $ than the Goodyears, and have higher owner rating scores/less complaints. I'd also rather have a slightly smaller vs. larger tire for better performance on the high rev'ing N*.

My questions are...
What brand and size tires did you use with your 20's?
If you went with 275's did the fronts need spacers?
How do you like the ride and handling vs. the OEM 18's and tires?


09-20-05, 10:40 PM
Sorry this response is so late - just got back from a trip to Disney!

Our SRX has 20x8.5 with a +40mm offset wheel all around with the 275/45-20 Goodyear Eagle GT II's. No problems with clearance (except for minor/light contact of the edge of the tire with the wheel well liner with the steering wheel turned 360 degrees either way - not a problem and as you saw, the dealers also use this same combo).
It did increase the overall harshness somewhat - esp on coarse surfaces, but the improved handling and overall feel more than make up for the difference in ride. Tire pressure also has a lot to do with this -- if you run the factory spec 32psi for light load/normal speed driving, the ride is pretty good - even with the 20's. If you approach the 38psi for high speed running, the ride worsens, but the overall handling does improve (I really wanted a Z06 - but the kids wouldn/t fit...).

Hope this helps...

09-21-05, 12:15 PM
I have the same size and concur with your evaluation. I like the way it changes the lines of the car. I was told that from the back it fits perfectly inside the wheel well.

09-22-05, 12:21 AM
Anyone have exp or consider Bridgestone Duler AT? they are All terrane with special ish that dampens the "vibration" noise and the agressive yet smooth tread- I have 4 on my Jimmy and it gives a very nice ride- I was wondering about getting them also for my SRX once I get it... or do you think they would hender the "smooth ride" toomuch?

thanks for the random info as we are talking about tires

09-22-05, 03:41 PM
If we're still talking 20's, the only two that I found that were highly rated (by buyer feedback and ratings, not by the mfg.), had "SUV weight" load ratings, and were inexpensive were the goodyear Eagle GT IIs and the Hankook VETUS ST RH06's.

The other options I found were Pirelli (scorpion series?), yokohama, and some others which were even more expensive and more suited to a corvette than an SRX (lower load rating, low wear rating, etc.).

I dont think bridgestone has a 20" that fits a 20" xs 8.5" rim, but if you're asking about tires for the stock 17" and 18" rims, I would think there has to be something better than the Michelins that came with mine. I'm sure someone can jump in with more information on what to get for the stock rims.


09-26-05, 06:09 PM
What is the price of those Vogue rims and where can I get them?

09-26-05, 07:06 PM
There are three options for getting the Vogue rims, direct from Vogue (search for Vogue Tyre on the web), find a local shop that carries vogue rims, or from your cadillac dealer...

I priced the Vogue's from my local cadillac dealer, with Goodyear tires (GT II's) at $3000 + installation.

I haven't priced them direct from Vogue yet, as I'm still looking for a local shop that carries them for comparison.