: Well i did it.. I bought the new EFI LIVE Tuner. It is nice...

09-02-05, 04:24 AM
Here are the specs on it. I really need this.. I did overnight weekend delivery, that way i get for sure saturday daytime morning... I want too see what all the dealer did to my car.. I have shiftlights to hook up & other things, so this will allow me to alot more now with my electronic side of things as well..
Plus i am going to experiment with this thing until i have a monster. i have 3 liscense also.. I can use it on my wifes 2005 z71 tahoe as well. Going to try to make me a track tune also. I have to learn this sooner or later, i have built many many engines but none had this computer tech this high. i am very good with computer technology, i sold my business thtas why i am retired now. So if i know engines enough, pc enuff, then maybe i have a chance here to learn this as well... Im tired of shop/dealer times spent in the shop. i could have built an entire motor twice by the time igot my car bacl last time. so hopefully those days are over. below is specs on what i bought, add 40 buchs for the shipping you have total price.

FlashScan Personal Scan & Tune Tool FS-P (Hardware & Software) - High speed data logging and bi-directional controls for GM's LS1/LS6 powered cars and trucks.All prices are listed in US dollars and exclude all taxes.
Price: Qty 1 $699.00

Detailed Description FlashScan Personal (Scan & Tune) EFILive FlashScan Personal Includes 2 PCM licenses for tuning up to 2 vehicles of your choice.
FlashScan includes:1 x FlashScan Personal interface. 1 x OBDII cable. 1 x USB cable. 1 x Thermocouple connector. 1 x WO2 and A/D connector. 1 x Installation CD. Scan Tool includes:"Black-Box" logging - no laptop required. Wide Band O2 input. Exhaust gas temperature input. 2xAnalog to Digital convertors. Native USB connection. High speed data logging. Bi-directional controls.Tuning Tool includes:Support for over 350 calibration changes for GM's LS1/LS6 PCMs. 2D and 3D animated visualization of calibration data. Point and click editing. Multi level undo/redo. Calibration comparisons. Change modification history. Tightly integrated Scan and Tune data. Blending and smoothing tools. Calibration search feature. Onscreen explanations for each parameter. Enhanced copy/paste facilities. Failsafe VAT relinking. High speed read and reflash operation. Failsafe reflashing.

later blitzer :lildevil:

09-02-05, 05:22 AM
I found another interesting toy.. Would be great when you want to test your runs alone or without a radar gun, or track time.. read below specs.

RADAR Speed/MPH Sensor: Designed for engineering applications, this sensor measures relative motion. Point the sensor at what you want to measure and speed will be measured. Either the sensor or the target may be moving (or both simultaneously). The sensor is commonly used to measure the speed of a surface, such as the ground.

Using RADAR technology, this is a non-contact sensor, meaning it measures only the true relative motion of the target. For vehicle ground speed, wheel slip is no longer an issue. This sensor can also be used for studying slip angles. The sensor measures speeds from 1 to 300 MPH and is capable of tracking object accelerating at several Gs.

Cool huh, at least i thought so.. I might use it at bonniville run.. that way no errors & i dont think you can bs relative motion.

latr blitzer

09-02-05, 07:39 AM
Great post. I've got a lot of respect for what you've tried and done with your V! I actually laughed some when I read this one, thinking back to the reception you received here, on the forum.

09-02-05, 08:17 AM
wow dude
good luck!

09-02-05, 09:50 AM
lol dooman.. i know.. i have thought the samething over & over.. Ppl dont realize one thing about, and that is i try 100% to do what i set out to do.. If i fail, then i fail... but i gain experience either way, & thats the real help in all we do..

I think alot of ppl think im crazy, lol but ya know it is alot of fun & worth every smile when i drive her. I just hope i can get this efi live thing down.. that is extremely important to me.. If i can keep it away from the dealer as long as possible i can achieve so much more.. time is our enemy, the dealers can rob all of us from that, that is something we never get back. we can always buy cars.. thats the easy part.

later blitzer

Dynotech Engineering
09-02-05, 11:05 AM
You'll really like it's functionality and ease of use once you get used to it. DTE is involved in a colaborative effort with a software/firmware group where we are currently working on a real-time, emulator program that will allow "on-the-fly" PCM calibration while in motion, without having to even turn off the car. We'll be at S.E.M.A. and P.R.I. this year displaying it's capabilities. Once you get aquainted with the program, step into this and you'll be able to dial-in your car faster than you could possibly imagine.

Congrats on your purchase and good luck with your tuning endeavors. :)

Best Wishes,

Jack Ammann
09-02-05, 11:29 AM
I think alot of ppl think im crazy
later blitzer

Hey Blitzer...a couple of facts. A whole lot of people thought Einstein was crazy too AND those that think/thought you are/was crazy don't have enough between the ears to recognize brilliance if it slapped them in the face....LOL :hide:

I personally think you have to be admired for "stepping up" and buying and learning on your own vehicle about the EFI Live to the benefit of a whole lot of people, including yourself. :2thumbs: :cheers:

09-02-05, 01:24 PM
I use HPTuners on my GTO and used it on my Silvy SS. I liked it. Very good software. I haven't used anything on my V yet, I'm going to leave that to StealthV.

09-02-05, 04:44 PM
....I think alot of ppl think im crazy,....
pretty much, yeah....

09-02-05, 06:55 PM
LOL urb..

Well i was reading on the efi live site.. I should be able to run 11's thats right 11's in the quarter mile with no problem.. if i increase my boost some more who knows what i could get & still be street legal.. Go to EFI LIVE site and check out thee systems for boosted LS6 and LS1's it is awesome... V-Tech is right about dialing in some great times with using it..Some have the same motor as i do, punched, they are getting 10's, pushing 800hp.. I also Talked to Mr. Blackmore at EFI Live and he confirmed this. Now, yes it will take some time, yes i still need to have it dyno'd to get out all the kinks & stuff.. but i say 3 months from now, this V will be a screamer... i will post as i know more..

later blitzer

09-02-05, 07:46 PM
Hey Blitzer...a couple of facts. A whole lot of people thought Einstein was crazy too AND those that think/thought you are/was crazy don't have enough between the ears to recognize brilliance if it slapped them in the face....LOL :hide:

I personally think you have to be admired for "stepping up" and buying and learning on your own vehicle about the EFI Live to the benefit of a whole lot of people, including yourself. :2thumbs: :cheers:

WERD :devil:

09-10-05, 11:59 AM
The amazing thing about Blitzer's car is that it is REFINED. With all his mods, it sounds and drives smoother than mine. The only problem I had was how distracting all the blinky dash/pillar lights were at night.

Go get 'em, Blitzer!

09-12-05, 06:50 PM
lol thanx law.. your was awesome as well. Infact we all have nice rides.. Some just go a little more than others, thats the only difference. I am just lucky & blessed that i have the cashflow & being retired at 39, well 40 this november. :) i would not have been able to do the things i did if it wasnt from the knowledge of all the V owners. So i owe alot of thank you's..
Sad thing, my car is back in the shop today. I am getting some kind of low voltage readings effecting the pcm, oil sensors, and shutting my engine down into low power mode. Roadside service showed up ran a check from the computer and showed same error codes as my efi did.. i never got the chance to even flash my pcm with my new software.. i think i might have a bad pcm anyway, i will know more by tomorrow morning. thats why i have been away for a few days trying to do the rear end work on the other V & trying get mine ready for magazine shot.. lol what a shot on back of flatbed.. oh well, i have some the best ppl on it, so it will come out ok, time is just an enemy.

later blitzer