: New TSB- onstar upgrade

09-02-05, 02:39 AM
Direct link.. its posted on the FAQ... Very long!


Bottom line:
1. If you want the upgrade you need to subscribe to a non-refundable 3 year contract to onstar (minimium $549- to $2159)- FYI its non refundable but it IS transferrable
2. You get a new phone number (if you are a current user)
3. A part must be ordered (make sure your dealer orders the right one)
4. The 04 needs an antenna replacement- which, from what I can tell, is STILL a glass mount, just a different glass mount.
5. They replace the VCIM (onstar module in the trunk)- So much for digital ready!

Go here and put in your VIN to find out what equipment you have in your car: http://www.onstarenrollment.com/

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