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evil 8
09-01-05, 11:13 PM
O4ctsvfla, Just heard a story on O'Reilly from a guy hiding out in his home in the french quarter. He was describing the looting, and mentioned that ALL of the cars from the Cadillac dealer were stolen. Sorry , but we'll find you another one. I know where a stealth and redline are here in Ohio.

09-01-05, 11:27 PM
Let me tell ya something.. The National Guard was shooting ppl when Ivan went thru.. The looting stopped very fast.. No one was killed, but they shot several kneecaps & 5.56 does not feel so good thru the knee..
Some ppl might be starving thats different... diapers, wipes, baby food to keep your child alive.. if no help has arrived.. But to breakin, and loot sunglasses, gel shoe inserts, ties, suits.. new cars... is whole lot different, than trying to keep your family alive.

later blitzer

09-01-05, 11:45 PM
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Dave's V
09-02-05, 12:06 AM
This whole situation with New Orleans really disgusts me. Our government did nothing while this gigantic storm was heading towards the coast for days. People are looting TVs, cars, stereos, everything. People are dying on the streets due to lack of medications. I can understand somewhat when it involves food/water, but my father also survived for 2 1/2 years as a POW in Germany. The other looters need to be shot in the kneecaps or at least charged with a felony.

The cops don't seem to be doing much since one got caught on NBC news just honking to get the sick people out of the way of his gigantic SUV.

My prayers goes out to everyone down there.

09-02-05, 12:31 AM
If all the looters in New Orleans were shot or arrested then most of their police force would need to be replaced. NO Has the most Corrupt Police Force in the Country.

09-02-05, 12:38 AM
They have changed alot though rik... The FBI was sent down 2-3 years ago,, had trials, arrested a few, others where fire or let go...

right outside of Layfayette is the worst.. I have gone thru there twice.. I had an eclispe the all whheel model twin turbos.. very fast car,, was doing speed limit, they tore the hell out of my car twice lookinf for drugs... I have never ever had one sigle felony conviction, or anything to o with drugs or drug running... both times they did over 600 dollars damage to my vehicle, tore the plastic molds right out of the screws/studs, broke them, dumped suitcases on the side of the orad.. dump an entire toolkit out all over the place, and of course found nothing... all the cop said was this, pointed his finger like a gun, 2 inches from my face, and said getchya next time boy, have fun re packing.. so left me on the side of 1-10 for over an hour which is dangerous as hell with high spped trucks going by.... TWICE THIS HAS HAPPENED... i will never go thru that part of LA again.. i do not care if i have to take a 500 mile trip around. they can kiss my ass.. I have never done anything to deserve that kind of treatment.

later blitzer

terminal Velocity
09-02-05, 12:39 AM
There have been bigger storms to threaten New Orleans before. And it's hard to plan a massive operation on Hurricanes because way more often than not it fizzles or changes course.

And it's a hopeless situation because the police have no place to take arrested people to. You have to wonder if New Orleans will ever exist in the capacity it had been in. Unless there is a massive reengineering of the levys and pump system, I don't think large businesses want the risk of losing offices and staff for months at a time.

09-02-05, 01:01 AM
Dont take this the wrong way because this storm is affecting everyone and I have the utmost smypathy for those who are trapped in dire situations..

BUT, this comversation does not belong in the V section. They ARE talking about this in the lounge. I am closing this thread and suggest that you go to the lounge to discuss this.