View Full Version : Howdy!

11-22-03, 01:15 PM
I'v had a cadillac for about a year now. Just found this forum. Here is a picture of my DeVille.

11-22-03, 02:07 PM
Welcome abaord..... thanks for signing up :welcome:

The picture didnt work :(

11-23-03, 12:49 AM
I'll try again. I cant get it! lol

11-23-03, 10:19 AM
Wow.. Thats a beauty...... I love those rims!!!

11-23-03, 01:02 PM
Thanks. I liked those wheels too. But i traded them for some rare BBS RX-7 Vert wheels. Those wheels where in bad shape and these new RX-7 wheels are perfict. Here is a picture of the car with the stock wheels. When i clean them up real good they look like they are chrome when in motion.