: Anyone with a spare set of FE4 shocks?

09-01-05, 05:52 PM
I was planning on installing Eibach springs on my CTS this weekend. Eibach recommends the stock CTS shocks, and downgrading to the non-leveling sport shock. Now that WildWhl discovered how to lower nivomats very simply, I'm obviously not downgrading. I've got his spacers just waiting for me to mod the nivomats and get the Eibachs in.

The next issue is spring rates. Eibach confirmed today that their CTS and CTS-V rear springs are the same progressive spring (46N to 69N, or ~342 lb/in to ~394 lb/in), but the fronts on the CTS are linear with a 388 lb/in rate (the V's are progressive 60N to 80N or ~342 lb/in to ~456 lb/in). Mark at Eibach explained, the higher rates apply when the springs are compressed from the stock ride height, and the lower rate applies when the spring is extended, then compressed to the original ride height.

Obviously, the front 388 lb/in and rear 394 lb/in are MUCH closer to stock CTS-V rates than stock CTS rates. Therefore, I think I'd prefer to install FE4 shocks, rather than keep my stock FE3's.

So . . . . is there anyone who's upgraded to FG2s, with a spare set of FE4s, that they're willing to part with in the <$150 range?

09-01-05, 06:24 PM
why actually yes...my stock V shocks are in my attic all dusty. PM me :)

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09-01-05, 09:47 PM
I also have a spare set. Or at least I will after this weekend once I put the new set in and lower my V. They have 7500 miles on them. I also plan to write up the procedure for lowering the V the WildWhl way.