: Wildwhl help with Nivomat mod

Ross Racing
09-01-05, 01:43 AM
I have the eibach kit with the recommended CTS shocks. They suck and I want my Nivomats back. How do I modify them?

What parts do I need?

I am sure you have a write up on this, but sorry the search function did me no good.


09-01-05, 10:35 AM

Search on 'Nivomat Mod' and you'll get the evolution of his spacers. PM him for more info on them. Mine are going on this weekend, now that I have three whole days to myself.

09-02-05, 12:05 AM
I never did write-up how to do it - but check the link that Ody suggests and do a search. HDMLNIUM posted a few pics - and with the few I posted it is pretty self explanatory.

Sorry...I'm too busy adding days to September and stealing them from October :cookoo: