: A glitch or my imagination?

the Sandman
02-27-03, 01:14 PM
For the last couple of weeks, I *think* my STS has been having very short glitches while driving at a steady speed with the cruise control on. It's not a miss, and it's very short - half a second maybe, a "fluctuation in the force". I could be imagining it. It seems to happen every few minutes, especially if I start up or down an incline. There's no Check Engine light, and it seems to run fine most of the time. The only other thing I've noticed is less mileage - 22-23 mpg at cruise compared to like 28-30 in the 2 loaner DeVilles I've had recently, at similar speeds.

Can anyone think of an explanation? Am I just crazy? I know the dealer would just say "could not duplicate customer's concern".

02-27-03, 03:09 PM
pull a spark plug and see how it looks. I know its a new car. But even new cars can foul a plug under the right condition.

I only say this because it sounds like a prob my ETC had, then it got worse. It ended up being old spark plugs that were worn out, coroded, and gapped too high.

the Sandman
02-28-03, 03:23 PM
Still think I feel the "glitch". I just checked the computer for codes and came up with 5, all "History". They are:

DDM U1713, U1715
MSM B1850, U1000
TTM U1016

I'm gonn search for clues online - anyone know what they mean?

02-28-03, 05:30 PM
Your dealer should be able to hook up a diagnostic computer and watch for misfires. It should be no problem to detect a miss, provided they actually take the time to do it. You might also be able to get them to tell you what those codes mean if you stop in, or call up on the phone and ask real nicely


the Sandman
02-28-03, 05:34 PM
The codes all seem to refer to the problem I had with the memory seats/mirrors/steering wheel - DDM is Driver's door module, MSM is Memory seat module, and TTM is Tilt/Telescope module.

I'll be taking it in to the dealer soon for an oil change - I'll discuss the miss with them then.