: My V Service Update

08-30-05, 10:11 PM
To bring everyone up to speed:

It all began on July 25th with my third rear differential. After reviewing the invoice I found the additive was not put in. After the dealer claimed I didn't have a limited slip rear I began my calls to corporate GM. 9 emails, 8 heated phone calls, 1,400 miles and 33 days later I finally have the additive in my new rear differential. Any bets on how long it lasts after a less than exemplary break-in period? Here's the bad part though. I'm now waiting for the following:

1) New 6 speed transmission - 1st gear syncro's are gone. Began with hard shifting into first and then grinding into first followed by unable to downshift.

2) Clutch to be inspected on trans removal. Hopefully I have the affected date production stamp and can get a new clutch.

3) New NAV/Radio - Buttons peeling but also couldn't get XM to activate

4) TSB Rear bushings - Service Mgr. warned that this may affect the ride of the vehicle. I said I sure hope so!

5) Parking brake adjustment. Apparently there is no way to adjustment. Had a good talk with the service manager. FINALLY someone who knows what they're talking about!

6) PCM recall/reflash - New dealer had no problem. Old dealer accused me of tampering with my PCM (nice guys, not)

7) Arm the alarm system

I will be without my V for at least a week.

08-30-05, 10:59 PM

Im calling BS on the parking brake adjust (smack your service writer). I had mine adjusted, worked just fine. In the old days Id push the pb to the floor to get set, now it sets right in the first 3rd of travel.


08-31-05, 12:08 AM
Me Too!!

Chuck adjusted mine at the dealer works great.

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