: More 2006 SRX Info

08-29-05, 03:36 PM
I reported in a thread this morning about seeing a SRX at my dealership on Sunday.

Here is what I found out today when I looked at the vehicle.

The car at my dealer is for Enterprise Rental Cars.

All of the 110 '06 SRXs produced this year have been rental cars.

'06 SRXs are on restriction right now due to getting the new parts for the sill redesign.
Colors are on restriction due to the parts for the sill redesign.

The redesign consists of getting rid of the add on rocker and sill.
About 3-4" of the sill has been removed.That width was addded to the bottom of the door.
There is a vertical piece of black plastic to cover up the remaining part
of the metal sill.
I hope the car won't be any louder due to this redesign.
There is also a metal piece laying horizontally on the sill, i guess to stop it from getting scratched up.
Entry and exit is somewhat better. My pants leg still rests against the vertical plastic piece attached to the sill.
Perhaps the SRX should be either lower to the ground or higher.

The power liftgate worked really well.
There are 2 metal rods below the struts that push or pull the liftgate up or down.

Sunroof is now available on the lower trim levels.

My camera was not working, so I don't have any pics for you guys.

Hope this helps.

08-29-05, 05:02 PM
Thanks for the info b4z. Are you saying that the '06s aren't being sold yet? I might stop by the dealer to check one out in person. I'm interested in seeing if it's possible to retrofit the power gate to my '04.

08-30-05, 11:40 AM
I forgot. The grille is now body color.Can't wait to see a V6 Driver Level One car with the 18" wheels.