: Be careful when towing your "V" !!!

08-29-05, 03:30 PM
I am just venting here but my "V" needed to be towed recently. It was put onto a flat bed and the tow hookup was a complete hackjob. Damage was done underneath the front fender and skirt during its journey up onto the flat bed due to its low profile. If it was done properly the right hookups and care would have been used. So if you need a tow job either do it yourself or pay close attention to the job being done. Since the damage was done and I did not notice until I actually was washing my car three days later the damage cost will come out of my pocket as this lame a@# towing company says they did not do this and refuse to take responsibility. Please beware even though most of you will not be in the Connecticut area but if you are and are in need of a tow to stay away from Merli's Automotive of Torrington, Connecticut...that's Merli's Automotive of Torrington Connecticut because they are completely un-business like and totally un-professional to any customers needs. OK I am done venting !!!!!!!!!!


08-29-05, 04:02 PM
that sux bro!.....that happend to me with a previous car that was lower than usual!
Fo**ers just didn't care!

08-29-05, 04:11 PM
I always, always stand there and watch them.

Always! Make sure they do it right.