: Belive it ir not,...R1 run in.

08-29-05, 08:20 AM
No, I didn't beat a R1 this weekend but, I thought I did rather well against him.

Anywho, heres how it went....

It's sunday, i'm on the phone with Doug from KARS ...and I noticed a bike, weaving through traffic behind me, ... obviously going faster then everyone. I tell Doug to hold on for a second... bike rolls up beside me...."GREAT...it's an R1" i say to myself. Brand new, red(metallic deep red) with black frame and such. The rider had a jacket,...and two white bandanna's on both mirrors. Anyways, he gets on my right rear quarter panel, I'm already doing 65 or 70mph....so I hit it.

(now I have nop idea how good of a rider this guy is or not but, this is true...)

So it punched it, he stayed on my B pillar, or my right rear quarter panel all the way up to 125ish mph.... at 125+ mph, he put about 10 motorcycle lengths on me, or about 6 car lengths...up until about 140mph,... then he stopped pulling on me.

Unfortunatly, we ran out of safe room at that time, so we cruised to a slower speed. I made a right, he was gonna go straight, then he decided to follow me. Then we're doing about 35 mph, and he pulls up along side of me, in the median, and gives me a thumbs up, and says "man that thing is quick".... and made a U turn.

That was it.

Looks like i'm gonna have to get that roll cage a little sooner. I need a camera mount for all of this action that I've been getting.:lildevil:

note: this message will self destruct.

08-29-05, 08:53 AM
Nice! That's awesome!

Do you have a V?

08-29-05, 09:14 AM
Nice! That's awesome!

Do you have a V?

No Joe,...sorry.

C5(vette) list of mds above in the ownership window.