: What would you like to tell GM - About your V?

08-27-05, 03:37 PM
Speak now or forever hold your peace, please bear in mind the following rules:

1. This thread closes @ 2pm PDT (or thereabouts) MONDAY 8/29/05.

2. Keep it simple, be specific, short and to the point, I'm making list, not writing a book.

3. If it's not on topic to this SPECIFIC request - your post WILL BE DELETED.

4. Try to list positives as well as negatives (thinks you like vs. things you hate).

5. Specific issues that plague everyone (some are pretty obivous ;) will get top priority, vs. specific nitpicks.

6. This is going to be used in a meeting with top GMPD people, no guarantee that YOUR specific request will be mentioned but I'd like to hear a top 5 list (pro/con) from as many as we can.

I reserve the right to close or delete this thread at any time, questions can be posted or PM'ed to me.


08-27-05, 04:23 PM
1. V-wide recall of the rear diffs, replaced with a unit that can handle the torque.
2. V-wide recall of the driveshaft, replaced with something that does not clunk.
3. Real glovebox w/ a light.
4. Real center console/armrest
5. Accessory power that does not shut off.

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08-27-05, 04:33 PM
Since I can't edit my post, one more rule -

No discussion of modifications or the like (i.e. Why can't the stock xxx handle the added power of yyy).

You are welcome to mention ownership experience tho ;)

08-27-05, 04:49 PM
I love my V's power and handling. I love the brake feel, the body style the paint color (stealth gray).

Issues like wheel hop and a weak rear diff will be covered in depth by others, so I'll avoid them here. One of the major issues I have with my V is the Nav system; the interface is confusing at best, and near impossible to decipher at worst. I'd get with PalmOne, RIM, LG, Nokia or any other portable electronics manufacturer to glean some insight into how to make an intuitive menu system that your customers will enjoy using, and not give up on out of frustration. Your cadillac customer service is outstanding; but their knowledge of the nav system and how to use it was nonexistant; it might be good to give them a manual on it's usage.


08-27-05, 05:07 PM
Great torque, and handling. Looks fantastic. Interior leaves a little to be desired. Paint, Wheel hop, rear diff., drive line clunk and mushy shifting. I haven't had the problem but am afraid for the future, Dealer Service.

08-27-05, 05:39 PM
Dealerships must understand that only a performance enthusiast is willing to drop $50k on a 4 door sedan and we would like dealership service to recognize that aspect. Operating vehicles within design specifications does not constitute abuse. If it was not for the V spec performance line, I would still be a Corvette owner. Either recognize us nut case enthusiasts or lose the business.

- Better dealer sales department training. Told my selling dealer I want the FG2 suspension and nobody knew what it was including the owner of the dealership.
- Differential whine is NOT ACCEPTABLE.
- Service technicians require more/better training. Should not have taken 3 different dealerships to solve my dancing steering wheel problem that should have never left the factory with "out of round" tires to begin with. Car was purchased 3 weeks after date of manufacture so don't even think of dismissing it to flat spotted tires.
- Would love a steering wheel with an open 6 o'clock position.
- Engine compartment courtesy light would be nice.
- Better built seats that don't shake, rattle, and vibrate. Passenger seat rattling at highway speeds gets annoying. Top half of seat has a lot of wiggle.

Other than weak dealer support and a few quirks, it's one hell of a car.

08-27-05, 06:54 PM
What Loadtoad said, about our being owners that require 8 cylinders in one parking space...American performance car nuts. This car could be a legend (in a good way) if the basic drivetrain problems are resolved. I could forgive all of the other quirks about the car, but a weak drivetrain is not what I would consider a quirk: it's a safety issue.

As far as I'm concerned, if the trans and DIFFERENTIAL issues are addressed and a viable solution offered, I'm going to purchase another Caddy and keep this one too; if not, I'm selling the V and looking elsewhere....I didn't buy this car so that I had to worry about it every time I turn the key and put it in gear...

midwestern Values
08-27-05, 07:12 PM
Improvements Needed:

1. Real Differential solution a must.
2. Need a proper hand parking brake
3. Squeeks / rattles from interior
4. Cadillac needs to remain committed to Manual Transmission - it might leave something to be desired in feel but there are so many "AUTO" only offerings out there.
5. Cadillac needs to really step-up and value V Series owners - we are the future to taking Cadillac to a new level.


1. Real Manual Transmission Sport Sedan - with American styling and presence. Doesn't try too hard to be European. Cadillac and Chrysler are starting to get that right.
2. Great Power and Sound.
3. Like simplicity of interior and good use of technology (but without I-Drive) BMW type in your face technology. Interior could be richer, but not Jaguar like rich.
4. GM's Cadillac division committment to racing. Hope this is a long term thing, so many of the American manufacturers Get In / Dive out and aren't consistent. I.E. Ford - Jaguar in Formula 1.

08-27-05, 07:57 PM
Likes: Handling, especially on windy country roads; Power, torque, and performance; seats with suede inserts; guages; styling of exterior; stopping ability with Brembo brakes; generally just a great car!
Dislikes: wheel hop issue; replacing tires at11,500 miles; since there is no hand brake ( which I feel is truly missing in this car ) I dislike the location of the foot brake release; remote key fob has too short of range; should have touch screen navigation

08-27-05, 08:27 PM
Addendum: I also feel that Cadillac has committed themselves to a great car. The only problem being that the limited production nature of it has left a lot to be desired in both the selling of the car by not so well trained and informed salespeople as well as service on this rather unique automobile. A lot of problems could have and should have been avoided by a better sales department in most dealerships i.e. informing buyers about the F1 supercar tires and their wearability. :annoyed:
Next, by taking the car to a dealer that never had serviced Corvettes and wasn't familiar with the LS6 engine or it's quirks, customers were left feeling that the service department was lacking the specific info and training to service a high performance car or even be knowledgeable about it. :hmm: This leaves the customer in a quandry and often leads to possible dealer dis-satisfaction. The fact that it was the first manual transmission in a Cadillac in almost 50 years was a great selling factor but was also the source of many future problems arising from that same transmission; i.e. wheel hop, whine, drive shaft and rear differential problems that were not addressed by the service departments in many dealerships and they didn't seem to be aware of any solutions which just agravated an already agravated problem with some owners.
Again I think that training of sales and service and great customer service are a hallmark of Cadillac dealerships are are to be expected by ALL Cadillac owners!
Thank God for www.cadillacowners.com (http://www.cadillacowners.com)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:worship:

08-27-05, 09:08 PM
Issues that MUST be fixed if I am to buy another Cadillac:

1) That low speed drivline clunk is inexcusable.

2) The weak rearend (rated at 310 in a 395 car) is also inexcusable.

3) Sloppy shifter and noisy transmission.

4) The annoying "little things" like the breakaway sail panels, electrical gremlins, and half-baked engineering (oil temp reflash, build quality, etc.) are what kept me away from GM products for over 20 years. Bold performance intitiatives like the CTS-V, the GTO, SS, etc., brought me back. But the competition is stiff from elsewhere in Michigan and from around the world, so GM has to figure out a way to deliver a solid, reliable product.

5) Dealer network/customer service; While some dealers like ours in Northern VA are REALLY REALLY good, it seems that the majority are relatively clueless and in some cases downright negligent. Until they address #4 above, they darn well better address #5.

On the positive side: Like you really need me to tell you what you already know....

Good luck with the meeting and one of you please give us a DETAILED rundown of the "chat".


08-27-05, 10:03 PM
1. Great power and handling=fun to drive.
2. Edgy styling gives distinct, sharp American muscle car look.
3. Lots of standard features such as 6 speed manual shift, navigation, multiple disc player, fold down rear seats, extra electrical outlet, etc.
4. Strong American competitor to BMW, Mercedes, etc. in the performance sport sedan market.
5. Competitive pricing.

1. Dealerships with little or no knowledge of the car.
2. Dealerships with arrogant "you must be abusing the car" attitudes who also don't have a clue about the car or the customers who pay $50,000 plus to own and drive it.
3. GM headquarters and regional/district employees who do not understand or care what it will take to satisfy customers who drive high performance cars, so that GM can compete with Mercedes, BMW, Audi, etc.
4. Serious design defects, e.g., weak differential, wheel hop, and the one thing I truly hate every time I use it, the foot operated parking brake(what were they thinking).
5. Trunk lid that doesn't rise open when activated.

08-27-05, 10:35 PM
The concept is fantastic. Beautiful motor, beautiful interior (i do like it), and handling with the best sedans of the world. What could be improved:
1. Handbrake
2. Differential that can handle even stock motor
3. No rubber in the driveshaft components
4. Ability for the chassis to handle wider rubber - 245s on all 4 corners is too little for the weight and cornering abilities of the V. The relatively narrow tires are wearing faster than they should.
5. Please educate/train the dealerships better regarding the limited edition models. They are a little too quick to point to "abuse" regarding known problems.
6. PLEASE LOSE THE 6 LUG WHEELS-Way too expensive to add winter wheels.
All in all, should a few issues be addressed GM will have my business for life. I absolutely love the V, as a parent would love a "troubled" child. I am not 100% satisfied, but can easily be.
Thank you for your attention.

08-27-05, 11:09 PM
1. Fix the e-brake, make it a hand brake
2. add the volume control on the steering wheel like the CTS has, should be an easy fix and add blue tooth
3. I hate the long shift throws, shorten it
4. transmission clunks have to go, hard to make smooth shifts all the time
5. add a better sounding exhaust. This one is ok but I want more rumble with the stock exhasut. for 50K that shouldn't be too hard
6. choice or chrome rims or the current rims(for 50K give us the choice but in all fairness, the stock rims look very good)

1-5. Love the V, good job Caddie

08-28-05, 12:27 AM
DISLIKES - Rear end differential, replaced once and it's been serviced already with 1500 miles on it.

Driveline slop, clunk, almost impossible to avoid when cold.

Rear interior sail panel attachment, or lack thereof.
Creaky front center console armrest.

Rear 3rd brake light, holds water forever after a wash, how about a gasket?

Weak bass from the sub-woofer.

LIKES - Pretty much everything else, looks, power, handling dynamics, brakes, stabilitrak selections. Dealer experience is quite favorable so far.

08-28-05, 01:00 AM
Fix the diff problems.Thats the major problem here.Help us out with an upgrade.Make the V series the flagship of all 4door sedans.

08-28-05, 01:54 AM

Exterior styling is bold and unique, and can't be mistaken for anything but a Cadillac.

Interior matches the boldness of the exterior and is a refreshing change from typical luxury interiors. G-meter and digital gauges are a nice touch.

Power, handling, braking, overall performance, just an absolute blast to drive. Lucky for Cadillac that this makes up for everything else written below.


No glove box light.

Transmission and driveline NVH need improvement, very clunky.

HUD perfectly matches character of the car, yet is absent.

Haven't had any problems yet, but the rear diff whine complaints and failures worry me. At the very least we should ALL get a free extended driveline warranty.

Steering wheel tilt is way too detented. Should be power tilt and telescoping and linked to memory on a $50K+ car.

Poor tire life.

Trunk doesn't pop open and requires too much effort to lift.

Steering wheel mounted radio controls (maybe on the backside of the wheel) would be nice.

Bluetooth cell phone connectivity would be nice instead of having to use worthless Onstar.

Keyless Go system would be awesome too, but make the key about the size of a credit card (like Mazda did) so it can be left in a wallet.

Instead of foot brake, how about an electronic parking brake like Lincoln and Jag. Doesn't require as much center console real estate as a handbrake and doesn't require a third leg like a foot brake.

Displacement on demand would be a nice feature on future models so that when gas reaches $95/barrel we can still afford to drive the car, and also so we won't have to spend $1300 on gas guzzler tax.

Adaptive cruise control option would be nice too.

And the #1 dislike is.........

Absolutely horrible dealer customer service!!!! Horrible sales service when I bought the car and horrible service when I took it in for recalls/tsb's. They treat you like shit and then tell you how important it is to fill out "Completely Satisfied" on the survey. And that's on top of them being complete morons about the car itself. This poor customer service has more than anything else made me want to say "That's it, I'm finished with GM." I suggest, as others have, that Cadillac do the same as Ford did with SVT and not let every idiotic dealership sell this product line. Cadillac is the underdog in this market, but the dealers act as if Cadillac has some sort of monopoly. Have they heard of the AMG's, the M's the R's or the S's? Out of all those letters we chose V and the dealers are Vucking us for it.

08-28-05, 09:20 AM
Negatives :Three things that need permanent fixes
1) Rear diff.
2) drive line klunk
3) wheel hop

Positives : The rest of the car

08-28-05, 09:31 AM
I really like my CTS-V. I have no complaints with the performance, handling, and styling. I never thought I'd own a Cadillac, but the V changed my mind.

Four things that would be nice are:

1) Touch screen navigation system
2) Adaptive cruise control
3) Reverse sensors (for backing up)
4) Volume control on steering wheel

The problem with the differential should be addressed with a replacement unit that can handle the HP and torque procued by the LS6. Including "spirited driving" which is what the cars designed for. After spending $50K for a high performance car, the last thing I need to worry about is the differential. If GM does not address this issue, I will never purchase another GM vehicle. Please GM - step up to the plate.

Most of the general public can't believe GM built such a beast. They're always surprised to see a high performance Cadillac. Most of the folks who own the V are ambassadors for GM performance division. They are generally automotive enthusiasts who are eager to share their excitement about the car. If GM performance is to succeed, they need people like us on their side.

I have a BMW K1200S motorcycle that weighs 550lbs and has over 170hp.:cycle: (http://misc.php?do=getsmilies&wysiwyg=1&forumid=98#) It's a high performance bike built for acceleration and speed. Has been tested with quarter mile times of 10.4 @ 135.07 I have an aftermarket exhaust system on it and the dealer took pictures to show other customers. They're going to start selling aftermarket performance parts for the bike and will use these pictures to help promote sales.

Can you imagine BMW telling me that my bike was not designed to handle aggressive riding? The bike was designed to be a performance machine.:histeric: (http://misc.php?do=getsmilies&wysiwyg=1&forumid=98#)

08-28-05, 12:08 PM
Items they should consider:
1. Bluetooth is really a must
2. On the key fob it should take TWO presses of the trunk button to open it; this
avoids an opening for an accidential bump of that button which often happens.
3. Audio controls on the steering wheel.
4. Ability to enter an address into the nav while the car is in motion.
5. Much better dealership sales training, they know nothing about the car and better
service dept. awareness of what a car enthusiast concerns may be, they are used
to dealing with a much older demographic.
6. BETTER INTERIOR BUILD QUALITY and better quality interior materials. Given the firm
suspension there are way too many buzzes and rattles for a 50k car.

08-28-05, 12:25 PM
Car is great, except:

1) Weak rear differential.
2) Weak dealer service and repair of the same.
3) Wheel hop, wheel hop, and wheel hop (in the rain no less).
4) Clunk, clunk, clunk drivetrain.
5) Cadillac dealer service department attitude that the failures are caused by owner's driving style. 6) GM, you marketed for and received "driving enthusiasts". Good job. Now you are claiming we are abusing the vehicle by driving it as advertised. Shame on you.

08-28-05, 12:57 PM
Here is one that you may delete, but I need to say this, sorry.

Take this mutherfukkin 50K dollar piece of fukkin shit we can"t fukkin drive the way you fukkin tell us you drove it cause you'll void our mutherfukkin warranty!!!!

Oh and get a group of fukkin dealers that are worth a fukkin cent!

Again I apologize, but needed to vent.

08-28-05, 12:59 PM
The Cadillac CTS-V is a very respectable first effort by an American manufacturer to produce a car with superlative levels of luxury, power, and handling. I’ve purchased over thirty years of vehicles prior to my first GM product, which was a Z06 Corvette. When I read about the CTS-V in the summer of 2003, I asked several dealers to give me a call when they received their first shipment (which by the way they failed to do). Through my initiative, I was lucky enough to purchase one of the very first CTS-V’s in Virginia.

This is truly an excellent automobile, with almost all the correct attributes.

There are some areas that should be addressed if Cadillac wishes to establish an enduring performance reputation.

1. In this car segment, dealers have a direct impact on the “V” series image. There has to be a dealer’s level realization that this is not a traditional Cadillac. If that is the projection, the “V” series will be just another GM car. You will lose a good part of the generation required for the profitability of this division.

2. When there is a reoccurring problem don’t ignore it, address it. I have read many complaints about the failure of the “V” IR suspension. I have not had a problem with mine, but I’d like to think that:

o If it did fail, it would be replaced no questions asked.
o If the problem were systemic, GM would address it aggressively.

3. The shifter has been universally described as vague in feel. Many CTS-V owners have replaced the stock shifter by a Mallett, B&M, UUC, or Katech replacement. This is a relatively low cost fix but Cadillac has not as of yet. This make one wonder what else is wrong with the car that Cadillac should address, but has not.

4. I have the original CTS-V brochure and it lists FG2 shocks, ventilated rotors, engine compartment dress kit, and custom wheels. We are about to go on to the third model year and some of the items are still unavailable.

It's quite simple, “Say what you do and do what you say”.
If Cadillac’s corporate philosophy prevents it from addressing some fundamental issues, then this series of cars will fail in the market place as many American cars have failed in the past. Please don’t let this happen.

08-28-05, 01:04 PM
Now, for the concerns I'd like to see you pass along.

This is a very high dollar vehicle for the average person you are appealing to to purchase it. I firmly believe you know it has inherent problems,

Wheel-Hop/Axle Tramp
A transmission with second gear issues
A completely underated differential, both in size and power handling capabilities
Improperly aligned front and rear suspension, so that premature tire wear is "normal"

Not so obvious, keep up the good work and continue to slap V owners in the face, and your limited production vehicle will be a non-production vehicle.

We pay over 1K a month, for a car that I will now need to drive like a volkswagon. Good strategy.

08-28-05, 01:54 PM
I love this car. The drive train slack has got to be fixed.

08-28-05, 02:37 PM
Several complaints- Lets begin

1- The very 1st day of ownership, I was showing it off to a friend who only buys foreign cars. The passenger side handle fell off- good impression.

2- When the car was brought in to be fixed, it took too long, so the car was left over night. It came back with a smashed front bumper ( without telling me !) Brought back after much fighting that they were responsible. Took 4 attempts to match the paint. Lousy customer service- still not satisfied with paint match.

3- Sun visor vinyl pulled away from right side 3/4 way down on garage door plate. Replaced by dealer for free.

4- Rear diff leaked, tightened up. Problem solved for now.

5- Sun visor vinyl again pulled away from garage plate. Dealer will replace. Called GM rep, told of defect, will forward info to engineers.
2 sun visors replaced within 4 months.

6- Sunroof makes a lot of noise when closes

Some are minor complaints, but for 50k, you would expect better quality, especially from cadillac.

08-28-05, 02:49 PM
Gotta admit for 50K we get a lot of car...no questions about that, however:


Its my biggest beef. My V is a daily driver creeping up on 50K miles.
Biggest concern? rear end life.
Clunk I can deal with...Im on the highway most of the time

Other disappointments:

Mid Console missing
Glove box for a glove ONLY. No room in there.
No radio controls on steering wheel. Had em on my cheaper STS
F1 tire life. Embarassing. (tangent: these wheels were put on for aggressive driving, but we get accused of being aggressive and warranty issues denied as a result)
CADILLACS MISLEADING PR/SALES PITCH (0-60 under 5) If you dropped it off a cliff, maybe, but on the street youd better have a chase vehicle to pick up parts falling off.

As stated in a previous post, I love my V so much I want it to work out, like the chick who is so hot and agrees to a date....you just need to make it work out so she sticks by your side. The Cadillac V is that hot chick, and I need her dad (GM) to let us be together longer. Fix her when she calls, and I will stay by her side! (I know, bad analogy, but hey, I cant think of anything catchy)



08-28-05, 05:15 PM

1) NAV should display more than a single piece of info, e.g. avg mileage, outside temp, and trip miles,
2) Need hand parking brake,

3) Shift linkage is not nearly as good as my 1995 Taurus SHO,


4) Outstanding handling and braking in a sports sedan, and

5) Love the performance of the LS6 and six-speed manual trans.

08-28-05, 05:54 PM
It's a great car, and I love driving it. I echo most of the above suggestions, but (1) I'm not crazy about the e-brake but doesn't bother me as much as it bothers others, (2) my dealer has been fine, (3) I can reach audio just fine from the driver seat, and prefer the steering wheel controls that are there now (4) the trunk is fine as it is, I'd rather not have it flying up when I press the button, but the idea of pressing twice on the button to open it is a good one.

The interior has taken some negative press criticism, but I really like it and get a lot of compliments on it. I remember reading one review that likened the interior to a neoprene tuxedo. I thought that was a great line. I'm not sure it was meant as a compliment but it sounds pretty cool to me. It's understated, simple and high tech, which I like. It might be an improvement to soften (to the touch) the material on the upper center console just a little, around the audio and display screen, more like the material on the dash, so it's not quite so brittle feeling.

My list of things that I don't understand why they aren't already on the car:

- Display screen should show compass direction all the time, not just when nav system is on and nav screen is up (or else put the compass indicator in the rearview mirror like many other GM vehicles);

- The info listing screen should show the data for every function at once - no reason why you couldn't press the info button and see everything on one screen, rather than just a list of the types of info without the actual data, even if there's only room for a single constant display at the top when other screens are up;

- Better armrest, that doesn't break so easily;

- I agree about being able to input an address while driving, maybe after another warning button to help protect against lawsuits (the accountants and lawyers are important but shouldn't be deciding every design characteristic without compromise);

- a separate valet key (like the Mercedes I had before the V).

I never imagined I'd want a Cadillac, but after driving the V I didn't want anything else.

08-28-05, 06:12 PM
Bottom line. The car can be fixed, The dealers on the other hand are horrible. This is my second V. My first one had been involved in a wreck that the dealer "forgot" to tell me about. I'm pretty sure that is criminal. I reported it to customer support with vin# and they will not tell me the outcome. If Cadillac won't fix their dealer network then they will never compete with Mercedes or BMW etc.

08-28-05, 10:33 PM
I forgot to add that I prefer cooled seats to heated seats and considering that the two most popular V states are California and Florida, this doesn't seem quite so ridiculous. Add a rear view camera to my list too. Those are freakin' sweet.

One thing I hate about GM's is how the door will not open from the inside unless you first unlock the door. I know plenty of other makes that automatically unlock the door when you pull the handle from the inside.

08-29-05, 10:10 AM
This is a terrible dragrace car,but it is an amazing roadrace car.Cadillac has built a car to compete with Audi and BMW.Other than rearend it only needs some small tweeks here and there.Beef up the rearend and raise the lateral G's in the computer from 0.85 to 0.95,and have dealer support like BMW for those that do compete.

08-29-05, 01:08 PM
raise the lateral G's in the computer from 0.85 to 0.95


08-29-05, 02:51 PM
Love the car, but worry about my service department- don't trust em a bit.

Also have 99 Deville.

Wish the V had the "soft-touch" auto trunk mechanism like most every other cadi my family has ever owned.

Pissed about buying a 05 V, but then being asked to pay $500 for a 05 DVD for the nav system

Would prefer not to have fly-away sail panels

NO "real" problems yet, 6300 SF bay area miles on the car sinch January-haven't acheived much wheel hop, though I don't drop the clutch much.

08-29-05, 04:54 PM
Benjet the max G you read the dash are mostly spikes.Because of oiling problems with ls1 and ls6,the throttle is fly by wire and controlled by the computer,the computer will not allow sustained Lateral G's beyond 0.89.So when you are on a skid pad the max you can run is no more 0.89 no matter what wheel and tire combo you run.The Corvette has the same set up but is set higher.

08-29-05, 05:55 PM
Unfortunately, nothing to add that hasn't already been mentioned...

Many of the suggestions are good ones & ones that I totally agree with..

However, I can deal with just about ANYTHING, save for the differential issues. I'm shocked as I read about just how bad the decision was to go with a differential that is rated at ~310 lb feet...

That is just catastrophically LAME...

08-29-05, 06:18 PM
I'm gonna leave this open altho not sticky, so that we can have a central place to vent, even tho the main purpose of this is now closed.

Thanks to all.


08-29-05, 06:42 PM
Rear Wheel hop.
Center Console collapsed.
Front Grill wire separated from border framework.
Installed "Owner's" Manual is CTS generic, not specific to the V
Navigation System Factory modified for the V installation, losing some logical function.
Navigation Manual CTS generic so that it does not actually explain the V Nav functions.

08-29-05, 08:20 PM
First of all ...... I really do love my "V"....... even though:

1) Redesign your rear diff.....unexcusable
2) drive line klunking noise....unexcusable
3) wheel hop
4) Crappy service departments that have no clue
5) Real center console needed...please
6) No service Light in engine compartment
7) Get rid of all your cheap fasteners holding some panels in place.
8) Tires that last like 3 or 4 times longer

But really I do love my "V"

08-29-05, 08:20 PM
I may be a bit late in responding, but I just logged on after being away for awhile!

I am glad you are having a meeting with the brass and I hope they listen to all the well-justifed comments acquired to date.

I bought my V from a great dealer in Dayton Ohio (Voss) who not only was knowledgeable about the vehicle, but who honored my Supplier Discount. The local dealer in Schaumburg, IL, was pretty clueless about the vehicle's specifications, but regardless insisted that the Supplier's Discount did not apply to the V, and that they were only selling at $1,000 OVER list!

I have now had service at Cadillac dealers in Dayton, OH, in Barrington, IL, and now that I have moved, in Bend, OR. The first two dealers treated me like I had come to expect from owning several BMW's! The one in Bend treated me like a Chevy customer (they also sell Chevy's and Honda's). Not much knowledge, no parts in stock, and no loaner while the car's windshield gasket ws replaced under warranty.

So it seems that dealer proficiency varies greatly, unlike the experience I had with former cars such as BMW, Mercedes, and Audi, where all their dealers seemed great. This really needs to be addressed by GM!

Regarding the car itself, I am proud that I can finally buy a car made in the USA by an American company, that is fun to drive, has great performance, is comfortable and handles and stops as well as it accelerates. Hurrah for that!

But the shortcomings are very irritating. With all the Vettes that GM has produced, one would expect that they would anticipate the drivetrain problems that their design shortcuts on the new V would create! To have differential whine and failures and a sloppy shifter and wheel hop problems on a high performance vehicle that sells for $50k is INEXCUSABLE! What were they thinking???

At least I was able to cure the shifter, for the most part, with a simple aftermarket kit from UUC, the BMW short-shift guys (Thanks UUC!). GM could have easily designed their shift stick the same as UUC's in the first place.

As for the dealer training and attitude, that is going to be a hard one to fix. It seems that between former employee benefits and lack of dealer employee training, it could be employees that lead to the demise of GM. That would be a shame.

Fixing the mechanical ailments, on the other hand, should be a simple excercise for GM, if only somebody in their management group would step up to the plate. If GM lets its younger customers down on this issue, it is only accelerating its demise.

Oh, and I am a young buyer, at only 62.

Give em hell, Benjet!

08-29-05, 08:43 PM
rear diff
driveline clunk
the bottom front plastic panel popped off due to cheesy fasteners
DVD/Nav get rid of the safety features total pita
runcraps lasted about 9k

other than that i love this car and want to be buried in it

i would also recommend GM setup regional service centers that are V certified. too many dealers don't know enough about servicing this car.