: How about Eldo Performance Mods?

08-26-05, 05:48 PM
I was reading the STS Performance Mods thread they were discussing air filters.
What about replacing the stock air intake? I've got a 98 Eldorado ETC.
The jist of the discussion was that the K&N air filter replacement for the standard paper filter didn't really offer any real advantage. So what about replacing the whole air intake? Like a cold air intake or some other air induction system?

Also how about replacing the Spark plugs and/or plug wires? Any suggestions for performance mods? I already know about exhaust modifications. :hmm:

08-26-05, 07:58 PM
A cold air intake doesn't really do much, since that's pretty much what the air box is. Plus, the PCM is located in the Airbox, which draws air across it and cool it. The OEM AC Delco Plugs and Wires are the best stuff you can get for the car. Anything else (especially Bosch) and and you can eventually expect a misfire of some sort.

Other than the exhaust, there really isn't much unless you want to start pulling apart the tranny, and replacing companents. A limited slip differential, and a higher stall speed torque converter, would help the car make better use of the power it already make, and will make if launch better and faster off the line. That kind of stuff costs alot though. Other than the exhaust, there realy isn't much that can be done. We are still working on finding a way to safely installed a forced induction system such as the STS turbo kit, or a Centrifugal type supercharger,.....ect. As of yet, no one has found a way to reprogram the PCM to work with any Forced Induction system.