: Econo cars

08-26-05, 02:22 AM
Well since cadillac is one of the leading luxury automobile manufacturers in America, I beleive that there is no other way to break the ice than for cadillac to introduce a good powerful (Yes its possible) and luxurious econo car. That is the ONLY way for them to break away from the rising gas prices and compete with the import automotive manufacturing companies.

Lately all that has been going on with the "new" american made cars is just new body styles, I can design new body styles all day, but what the manufacturers REALLY need is simply a new form of engine. GM will deminish and loose millions of dollars, not to mention the hundreds of thousands of customers they will loose on a regular basis if they don't improve their produce. The world is evolving, and if the company can't evolve with it, it will fail, and all the millions of employees will become unemployed. Its not a pretty future.

Electric cars are a good design, but there is one key factor in there that bugs me; Most electricity is made from burning fossil fuels. Solar is good but the panels are ugly, unless you can figure out how to hide them. In a perfect world we would have perpetual motion devises running our automobiles, but this is not a perfect world. Though I am a firm beleiver that anything is possible, it's just a matter of difficulty.

Of course I am not suggesting the deletion of all the cars that run on internal combustion engines. Just new models (that don't look econo, the econo look is ugly) powered with a new form of engine. You people are smart, and I'll even give you time before I start designing my own engines and competing.

Please take my ideas and USE them. That's what they were made for.