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11-20-03, 02:43 PM
I'm going to be redoing the heads and head gaskets on my car since both gaskets have gone bad on me. I'll be picking up the performance heads from XMS. Well, since I'm going to be doing the work, I'll need advice. What are all the tools I'll need, advice, parts, etc. I do NOT plan on pulling the drivetrain, so figure that this work will be done in the car. I'm flexible, so I figure I can get down into this stuff. Course that may be famous last words.

11-20-03, 04:40 PM
the first step........pull the engine

make sure you get time serts

and thats all i know :(

11-20-03, 05:46 PM
It is possible to replace the heads in the car but not to do the timeserts with the engine in the car. The back cylinders just don't have the room. You are going to have to drop the engine.
The good part is it's a lot easier to do the work with the engine out so it's not as bad as it seems.
Ebay has manuals from $20. Definitely get a set.

11-20-03, 07:25 PM
You also want to double, triple, and fipple (my word :D ) check EVERYTHING while your in there.... Hoses in the valley, sensors, etc..... make sure EVERYTHING is as clean as possible when its put back on, including valve covers, TB, plenum, etc......

Things take about half the time when the engine is out...... It will be VERY economical for you to suck it up and replace ANYTHING that is even QUESTIONABLE...... You get your manual and you should be able to test all the little electronics in there....... Anything that doesnt fall within the middle of factory spec Id replace!!!

Its expensive, but do it once, and do it right..... When you have to do a repair that you could have done with the engine out youll kick yourself!!!!!

11-21-03, 08:30 AM
Pulling the motor is kind of outside my abilities with the tools and space I have folks. Figure I only have access to one heavy duty floor jack, and only 1 garage slot. How am I supposed to keep the car up without that front drivetrain under it. No... I'm stuck with doing the work in the motor. I'll figure out some way to get to the back time serts, probably by kneeling on the motor or something. I just don't have the tools and space to drop the motor out, nor do I have the tools to lift it out. It's 1 guy doing this, though a few buddies have offered their help.

11-21-03, 01:39 PM
I understand what you are saying about the limited space but I just don't think it's physically possible to do the timeserts.You could try by pulling the engine forward from the top 'motor mounts' (dog bones) to get a little more clearance .

If you push the car all the way back into the stall you could pull the cradle in front of it. You will need another floor jack to lift the body and move the cradle around but they are $59-69 at Costco.
Once the cradle is on the ground the body is pretty light and you can lift it pretty easily. You would need some blocks to hold it high enough. I don't think jackstands alone would make it.
How deep is the garage?

11-21-03, 04:00 PM
if you can get your hands on a motor lift then you out the car on the ground. unbolt the motor then lift the body off the motor with the engine lift... once you do that you can probabaly push the body out of the way with the help of a friend or 2

11-21-03, 09:45 PM
Ok, I'll admit finally that I'm gonna have to pull the damn motor. Bleh. Still better than what the dealership said though. They say it'd be easier to just replace the motor. But, since I plan on picking up those performance heads from XMS, I'd have to pull the heads anyways. And you know.... I have a mild lift in the 1st garage slot.... It was for the hard top from my ex father's Benz. The top weighed about 100 lbs... I don't know that the lift is going to hold the car though.... So, to disconnect the drivetrain, what are ALL the bolts, wires, pipes, hoses, etc that I need disconnect/unhook in order to pull the motor and I guess tranny/front tires as well, amd I right?

11-21-03, 10:49 PM
The front wheels hubs will come off.... obviosuly youll wanna take off the tires.... :D

Without going into really specific details, your gonna need to drain engine oil and coolant, remove all hoses, fuel lines, etc, alternator, ac compressor, steering, etc......

The FSM will go into great details, and if you dont already have it you MUST have it for this job.... Chiltons or haynes wont even come close to what you need!!!!

Now..... You do realize your gonna need to do a VERY extensive writeup from beginning to end...... :) The cadillac world would never be able to thank you enough for this sort of information!!!!!!!!