: CD Player

08-24-05, 12:55 PM
Has anyone experienced their CD player trying to initialize on it own? I have noticed this when you get into the car to start it. This has happened quiet a few times and it wipes out the odometer, mpg, fuel used, etc. readings.

Any comments, fixes?

08-24-05, 01:44 PM
Yes, and there should be a bulletin on the problem. A number of us had the problem on '04 models. They replaced the DIC, a.k.a. the radio, and the problems you mention went away. Have your dealer check for the proper bulletin.

08-24-05, 01:52 PM
Better yet, here is all you should need to know. Was posted by:

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Re: CD Player
The radio headunit *MUST* be replaced. Hope this helps:

Trip/Odometer/Time/Fuel Used Displays Reset by Themselves, Six Disc CD Changer Randomly Shuffles/Reinitializes, Radio may Display Lines with No Alphanumeric Characters, XM/RSE Volume Lower than Intern #05-08-44-002 - (Jan 31, 2005)
Trip Odometer, Timer, or Fuel Used Displays Reset By Themselves, Six Disc CD Changer May Randomly Shuffle or Reinitialize, Radio May Display Lines With No Alphanumeric Characters, XM/RSE Volume is Lower Than Internal (AM/FM/CD) Sources (Replace Radio)

2004-2005 Cadillac CTS, SRX

with Level 1 and 1.5 Radios (RPOs U2R, U2S)

Some customers may comment on any of the following conditions:
The Driver Information Center (DIC) trip odometer, timer or fuel used displays may intermittently reset to zero by themselves.
The six disc CD changer may randomly shuffle or reinitialize by itself.
The radio may display lines with no alphanumeric characters.
The audio volume of external sources, XM Radio and Rear Seat Entertainment (RSE), is lower than the radio internal sources, AM/FM/CD.

This condition may be caused by software anomalies.

U.S. Dealers

Technicians are to replace the radio with an exchange unit to be obtained from Specmo Enterprises in Madison Heights, Michigan.

Canadian Dealers

Exchange unit to be obtained from an authorized ACDelco Radio Centre.

Parts Information

Part Number

Radio Asm-AM/FM Stereo & Clk & Audio Disc (Level 1 Radio, RPO U2R)

Radio Asm-AM/FM Stereo & Clk & Audio Disc (Level 1.5 Radio, RPO U2S)

08-24-05, 04:12 PM
Keep in mind if you have Nav and get the unit replaced, it will disable your ability to watch DVDs while driving (a feature my wife did not want to give up).

08-24-05, 04:29 PM
My DIC has been replaced 4 times and the CD reshuffling when the door is opened, with no key in the ignition, issue still exists

08-25-05, 09:39 PM
Thank you all

I will visiting my dealer very shortly with information in hand.


08-25-05, 11:48 PM
My DIC has been replaced 4 times and the CD reshuffling when the door is opened, with no key in the ignition, issue still exists

I was told by the dealer that replacing the unit was not fixing the problem and they currently were not replacing them. I go back nxt week.

08-26-05, 08:18 AM
I was told by the dealer that replacing the unit was not fixing the problem and they currently were not replacing them. I go back nxt week.

My DIC has been replaced 4 times and the CD reshuffling when the door is opened, with no key in the ignition, issue still exists

Kipp & jgn: Are you both '04 SRX?
Did you have the run down battery problem that some of us had on our '04 models?
Our DIC was replaced and we have not had any more problems. Our battery was replaced before the DIC. I have never seen a fix for the battery problem where some had stated that Cadillac said the battery problem was caused by the position of the dash light interior light slide switch. Cadillac's fix at the time was to leave the switch in the mid position to keep one of the brains in our 21st century cars from resetting and using power.

08-26-05, 02:44 PM
For ours, the TSB fixed solved the initializing and trip meter resets. We had it replaced in March and have not had a problem since.

Too bad it took Cadillac a year to believe there was an issue and to fix it.

08-28-05, 09:49 AM
05 w nav

08-29-05, 10:53 AM
So far the swap has solved my CD initializing problem -- about 3 months now.

But, mine was initializing at random times, not just startup -- you're listening to a radio station, and suddenly you hear the CD making all kinds of swapping noises for apparently no reason.

Although, I haven't had a chance to pay attention yet, but does anyone know if the CD remembers which CD is playing per key fob? And maybe it's switching back to the fob's CD? Just wondering if that might be a reason for some of the "when I start the car" initialization probs even after the TSB fix?

12-08-05, 09:14 PM
Hey there...just wondering if this issue was completely resolved for you...I had my radio replaced in March because of similar issues, never noticed another problem until recently. The CD changer has started working randomly and draining my battery after a day or two. SRX has been in the shop for FOUR weeks solid....am driving a loaner DAEWOO and it's making me crazy! :bomb:
Am trying to be patient, they tell me a GM engineer has been in three different days, but we're no closer to a resolution....have to take the DAEWOO in soon for an oil change (imagine using a loaner long enough to do that!!) and want to be prepared.

12-09-05, 01:31 PM
What is your build date? The month/year is shown on the upper right of a sticker on the driver's door. If you call Cadillac Customer Service they can tell you the exact date your SRX was built. The CD problem has been solved by most by replacing the DIC (a.k.a. as the radio). The dead battery is another problem.
Ask the dealer about the following:

Document ID# 1613642 2004 Cadillac SRX

Intermittent Dead Battery - Goes Dead Overnight - keywords crank dim draw electrical head interior intermittent lamp light no over switch #PIC3403 - (Feb 22, 2005)

Intermittent Dead Battery - Goes Dead Overnight
The following diagnosis might be helpful if the vehicle exhibits the symptom(s) described in the PI.


2003-2005 CTS with an overhead console dimmer switch built prior to 09/02/04 and 2004-2005 SRX with a dimmer switch build date prior to 10/22/04 may have an Intermittent dead battery/battery goes dead overnight.


If after normal diagnosis the condition is still present, check the overhead interior lamp dimming switch for being slightly engaged. This switch has a very slight detent and ma) cause the DIM module to cycle between active and inactive waking up other modules or the Class 2 data line. This partial engagement will signal the DIM but not turn on the courtesy lamps. The Tech 2 will NOT indicate the switch is engaged. Engineering is working on a fix. If the dimmer switch is in any position other than full bright, the concern will not exist.

Please follow this diagnosis process thoroughly and complete each step. If the condition exhibited is resolved without completing every step, the remaining steps do not need to be performed.

12-12-05, 10:41 AM
Car is still at the dealership (60 miles from home!) so I'll have to call for the build date. Took my loaner in for service over the weekend and took a peek at my car....it is a disheartening sight...the panels on the dash, under the back seat, and in the cargo area in the back are all removed with wire and fuses showing everywhere. They tell me the GM rep will be there today and they willl have him call me. I'll mention this bullentin. Thanks for the help...