: Just a new member

11-20-03, 09:20 AM

I`ve already introduced myself in that Fleetwood RWD-section,but nevertheless..So,I have a "showroom condition" Fleetwood Brougham 1995 that has 59 000 miles on it. I`m living in Finland (Scandinavia) and...Well,please feel free to ask if there`s something you want to know.

the Sandman
11-20-03, 09:28 AM
Hey Bernie - welcome to the CadillacForums! It sounds like you found yourself one nice Cadillac there. If you do a search you'll find some interesting and livley discussions of the benefits of the RWD/LT1 platform. ;) I believe there are a couple of other European members on the Board but they haven't been active lately.

Thanks for registering! :welcome: