: I bought a cool old car

08-22-05, 11:50 PM
I bought a 1974 ford galaxie 500 with the Continental Kit, ( it looks like a lincoln continental) the car its in bad conditions, but all will be fixed soon....
Im purchasing a reconstructed engine that its the same that stock, a 351w
5.8 liters ,, anyone here knows how many horses this engine have?

this article says it has like 320 hp... I hope so :)

Heres some pics... any advice will be welcome... ;)

08-23-05, 12:08 AM
Very cool old car...does it run now, why the new engine? Tranny work? Brakes? Interior? whatdja get it for? It looks to be in pretty decent shape, actually...wouldn't mind having one of those myself, if I wasn't downsizing my collection as we speak...

08-23-05, 12:26 AM
It was cheaper to buy a new engine than repairing the old one... I havent installed it yet... its going to have a new custom leather interior, The Tranny apears to run ok with the old motor, but I need the new engine to test it. right now the car is totally disarmed... i paid 1200 dollars for the car... i wanna make it very luxurious inside and outside, it kinds of remind me an old bentley azure or a rolls royce...

terrible one
08-23-05, 07:40 AM
That's a cool car, with a pretty good price as well. Keep up the good work and keep us posted!

08-23-05, 12:38 PM
That is a cool car!

I dream of buying a beat up old car and doing the fix one day.....with gas where its at, it'll be hardly driven though.

I still want an ocassionally driven junky/classic I can take to the beach or something....convertible maybe :-)

08-23-05, 01:36 PM
Did you already buy the engine? You should try to find a Cleveland version. More power thru better flowing heads. And old drag racing favorite back in its days.
Of course you won't be racing that beast!

08-23-05, 01:50 PM
A 351 windsor in that heavy car isn't gonna be a speed demon.

08-23-05, 03:10 PM
I will have the engine (351W) as soon as I finish paying it,that will be like in 2 months....

I know the cars is very heavy, but my main concerns is make the car very luxurious, kind like a rolls royce, but at least I wanna shut down some ricers and pickups that often changelle me... Im planning to add headers, Kn filter, spark plugs..what else can you recommend me to increase performance ?

Im planning to copy some of the best interiors and add exterior mods to make it look kind like this:



I wanna make people stare at the car in confussion, dont knowing what cars is it ... :jawdrop:

08-23-05, 03:27 PM
"Headers" and "luxurious" don't belong in the same sentence. Headers are noisy, "tinny" because of their thin wall construction. You would be better off finding some factory Ford cast iron perfomance exhaust manifolds.

Let your wallet be your guide. You could shave a lot of weight and improve performance with an aluminum intake and better carb like a Holley. I like Holleys because you can do a lot of tuning without opening them up. Don't get carried away buying the biggest one. Performance is about proper balance and everything working together.

There are better cams, ignitions etc

We haven't even covered the "luxurious" stuff like leather, sound system, suspension etc. How much you plan on spending on this project?

08-23-05, 04:15 PM
I already have some sound equipment like 2 alpine tweeters, 2 db drive tweeters, and 2 db rive 12 woofers and a 15 db drive platinum woofer too, 2 amps,one 1000 rms, the other 250 rms for speakers, 2 memphis speakers, I will purschase a dvd player that is half din size, I think is a clarion,for 300 dollars aproximately .. and a motorized screen with tv tunner that I found here in Mexico for 350 dollars aproximately... I have a friend who is the owner of a upholstery shop, so it will give me special price ;).. and I have also a friend who owns a shop where I will paint the car.... its good to have friends ;)

08-23-05, 06:16 PM
Performance on a Windsor... find some good 351 Cleveland heads. I agree that headers are usually pretty loud for a luxury car, but if it has decent sound insulation you might get away with running a pair. Maybe run a mild cam since you already have the engine out of the car for a rebuild or if you're going to have a reman engine put in. FWIW I'd just rebuild it myself or find someone who will rebuild it, it usually ends up cheaper than reman engines. If you have it rebuilt you could go for forged pistons and rods to allow forced induction or a giant hit of nitrous, but that's probably getting a bit too wild for your project. Anyway once the engine's in, run a 100 shot of nitrous and you're set.

Night Wolf
08-23-05, 10:31 PM
yeah, I would skip the 351..... and go with a 460 :)

thats just me tho....

08-24-05, 05:46 AM
I think that might be a little out of the scope of this project. But I would go with a 500, but that's just me :)

08-24-05, 07:24 AM
The 351W properly built will move that beast down the road very nicely. If you have the time, money and opportunity I suggest having the engine balanced. It is not that expensive at the right machine shop and the result will be a smoother, longer lasting engine with some performance benefits.

Luxury doesn't require that the engine sounds like a Hoover, the right headers will be a good performance mod. Heavy gage headers are available though maybe pricey. There are lots of muffler options today which flow better than 30 years ago with lower noise.

Holley carbs are very much adjustable, maybe too many choices there. Back in the day the Carter AFB was a respectable street performer and still very dependable and low maintenance. Once they were properly jetted and tuned they stayed that way. I remember always having to tweak the Holleys and they had tendencies to leak, very finicky carbs.

I would use a nice torky intake manifold, matching cam and MSD ignition.

With good sensible combinations you can have a strong, smooth, dependable engine that move that car out of it's own way in a respectable, timely manner.

It looks like a great project. Good luck with it, I hope you enjoy every minute! :thumbsup:

08-24-05, 02:44 PM
Albertomac, that's a landyacht!! I'd bet it's longer than my Bonneville(im sure it is). Nice though. I like the ideas you have for it. Keep us posted with pics!!

terrible one
08-24-05, 07:08 PM
:rolleyes:I think it would like a 500.

08-24-05, 07:18 PM
honestly i wouldnt waste your time

get a corolla instead, better gas milage


08-24-05, 07:53 PM
Yeaaaaa...that'll go over well on this forum...I don't think that fuel mileage is why ANY of us bought the cars and trucks which we bought and are so proud of one here...hopefully that was in jest? :)

08-24-05, 10:18 PM
Yeaaaaa...that'll go over well on this forum...I don't think that fuel mileage is why ANY of us bought the cars and trucks which we bought and are so proud of one here...hopefully that was in jest? :)

54 total posts.....54 posts per day. I wouldn't say it was in jest, I suggest it was a TROLL. :yup:

terrible one
08-24-05, 10:39 PM
Yeah, definitly a troll. It's funny that even when it is so obvious, people still respond to it and start a huge flamefest.

08-24-05, 11:00 PM
That's a pimp looking snoop dog car

08-24-05, 11:37 PM
Albertomac, that's a landyacht!! I'd bet it's longer than my Bonneville(im sure it is). Nice though. I like the ideas you have for it. Keep us posted with pics!!

I think its the same long that my escalade EXT.. its huge...I will post pics of the project next sunday or monday..

Please post ideas for the interior, for example Im going do that the dash instrument cluster change colors with a button, using leds ( like the new mustang do) Im also planning to add 2 small leds on the roof that illuminate the interior(like some BMW`s do)....

I found this interiors pics from the lincoln Zephyr, it looks awesome I would like to use that color combination:


http://www.seriouswheels.com/2006/2006-Lincoln-Zephyr-Dash-1024x768.htm (http://www.seriouswheels.com/2006/2006-Lincoln-Zephyr-Dash-1024x768.htm)

09-22-05, 08:54 PM
Courtesy from JESDA, Im posting more pictures of my car:










STILL LOTS OF WORK TO DO, but is advancing fast
:bouncy: :bouncy:

09-22-05, 10:01 PM
what about a circa 93 ford 5.8 ? injected ....

screw that ...id rather have a carb than that thing ...but i agree with kev , a properly built 351 will move that about as fast as youd ever want it to go ....because stopping is an issue with that car

09-22-05, 10:38 PM
I agree with those who say Cleveland > Windsor. But if you already have it on order, stick with it and just go the luxury route. Don't try to build up the Windsor too much. Just make it as quiet as possible and try to squeeze 14 mpg out of it!

I think it's a great find, and it looks like you're doing it the right way. A LOT of potential there, for sure.

09-22-05, 11:35 PM
my dad had ford galaxie 500 it had a 460 CI Engine and a 4 speed tranny, Boy was that car fast.

09-23-05, 12:54 AM
460 is a GREAT motor...had a few trucks with the thing in it...and I had a 66 lincoln with the 462, and a 59 lincoln with the 430 in it...430 and 462 being the same family and not similar at all to the 460, but still great motors for their day! :) How's that car coming along, anyways? Much work done to it yet or not?