: Boss 318 20" Wheels

08-22-05, 09:46 PM
Does anyone have these on their SRX? If so, can you please post pictures? I like the look of them and was just curious to get a few pictures before I went ahead with the purchase. Any information would be appreciated.

08-23-05, 05:15 PM
No, I don't. But if you do end up getting them, please post.


11-30-05, 01:52 AM

So, what do you think???

11-30-05, 11:06 AM
I think that combo looks good and classy. I want to change those stock ugly wheels for something that cleans up the wheels. How much am I looking at for the tires and rims on this?


11-30-05, 08:15 PM
I was going to get Vogue CV-7s because they look like the stock wheels, just chrome and 20".
Now that I've see yours, I'm definitely getting the BOSS 318s. They definitely jazz up the look of the SRX... without too much BLING.

Did you move your tire pressure sensors, and was it a hassle?
Also, what size, brand tires did you use?


12-01-05, 06:48 PM
Are you having any rubbing problems? What is the offset?

12-01-05, 07:16 PM
Also what roughly did they cost you?

12-09-05, 12:23 AM
Thanks guys. I am very happy with the look and performance. There are no rubbing issues. Not much clearance at all, but it does not rub. I am not sure of the offset. The tires are Falken Zierx STZ 04. We just had a little ice down here in Dallas and the tires performed very good. I have not noticed any road noise going on the highway. The price I got on them was untouchable ($1250) because I had a connection with the warehouse who distributes the Boss wheels. Normal retail will run anywhere from $1900 to $2500. Atleast that is the range I received when I was calling around.

I would post more pictures, but someone needs to tell me how to post them inside the forum. Thanks!

12-09-05, 12:28 AM
Sorry, forgot the tire size...275/45/20. Also, the tire pressures where switched and everything works just like it should. I watched the guys do it and it seemed very easy. The owner told me he used to be a manager at Discount Tire and they were charging $150 just to switch them. I got it done as a complete package.