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08-22-05, 09:29 PM
Has anyone had their info center display that the tire pressure monitor system needed service? My '05 SRX has displayed that a few times since we got it a few weeks ago. Anyone else have this happen to them?

Thanks in advance,

john d
08-23-05, 02:27 AM
March 04 SRX - Never

08-23-05, 03:02 AM
I had that message on my 04 last year. One of the sensors was reading 0 PSI.

Needed to be replaced.

08-23-05, 08:52 AM
We just had that. Right front sensor failed and they replaced it.

08-23-05, 11:32 AM
Not so far with mine.

05 SRX V8 (build date 12-04)

08-23-05, 12:21 PM
Nope and I have been pleasantly surprised by how accurate the sensors are. They match well with my digital pressure gague, which I know to be accurate.